No wonder they burn their hands to get here on boats….

Larry Pickering

Looking after our disabled

According to his Facebook page at the time, Omar Halaby works for a construction company while boasting that he currently draws a disability pension.

“You can’t make me do anything. Don’t f…ing touch me, my religion says women aren’t allowed to touch me, you f…ing bitches”, yelled Halaby when arrested. An Arabic speaking male policeman had to be called in to take his fingerprints.

And for this little (above) demeanour during last year’s Muslim riots in Sydney a magistrate offered him two good behaviour bonds. It was also found that Halaby, 19, had published an “indecent article” – a digital image of a woman’s genitalia for which he was offered a third bond. Each of which he is now in breach of.

Such a severe form of punishment seems to have had little effect on Mr Halaby as he was again arrested prior to Christmas at a police stop for screaming out of his BMW window, “f… off dog c…s”. His parents have obviously instilled in him good Islamic values.

He was again charged with resisting arrest and refusing to cooperate with female police.

Apparently he was detained to await sentencing which will amount to yet another slap on the wrist.

The Islamic community’s disrespect for the Aussie way of life is also evident in their abuse of our over-stretched social services.

This bloke is no more disabled than I am.

But there are many and varied rorts available to Muslims and to be fair, a few Australians take advantage of this one:

A father of a large family takes advantage of government supplemented housing and moves in next door to his sister-in-law who also has a large family.

The mother (or mothers) of 12 already receives extended family benefits and the father claims a disability pension authorised by the local Islamic ‘doctor’.

Once he father has temporarily moved in next door to his sister-in-law’s house, the mother promptly visits Community Services and claims she is no longer able to cope with 12 children and needs at least two foster parents.

Who better to fill that role than her sister and her eldest daughter, after all, they only live next door. How good is that? All agreed of course.

Now the family can add to the existing benefits the tidy sum of $214 per child per week for each carer and much more if they can show the children have “special needs”.

Of course that’s not too hard to prove because each child has a disturbing hatred of Australians and a learning (English) difficulty that must be attended to.

Okay, but now the poor sister next door is under extreme stress and needs foster parents for her 9 kids.

Never mind, she has another sister with lots of kids just around the corner… and so it continues, with billions being milked from a welfare budget of $70 billion, designed to help those in genuine need.

The government simply can’t afford to monitor who is sleeping with who but you can bet nothing much has changed except an extraordinary increase in the level of benefits.

More than 80% of male illegal immigrants are found to either be unable, or are not allowed, to find meaningful employment.

Why would they try when they can sit on a sofa all day watching their new wide-screen LED TVs while laughing at the pitiful benefits of our war vets and pensioners?

The cruel hoax that was Julia’s NDIS would only have assisted the Islamic rorts.

No wonder they break their necks to get here on boats.

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  1. Someone should tell the muslim ….
    Kevvy Babe & Ju’liar have fled Australia.

    Muslim, Assisters and Enablers also Fleeing.

  2. The POS is disrespecting Australians and their Homeland, so what are they going to do about it? Give the Creature a slap on the wrist, too, just like their namby-pamby “justice” system, or will an Aussie Patriot take the allah-Turd out of circulation with extreme prejudice?

    The clock of appeasement has run down. Now is the time for harsh and permanent measures. . .

    Allahu Akbar!

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