Ottoman Contributions

All your ancient universities are belong to us:

“Ottoman contribution to Balkan civilizations is undeniable”-

Is it? What is it that the Ottoman Turks left behind that is ‘undeniable?’

The Oxford of ancient times: Apollania
One of Albania’s touristic hot spots, Apollonia ancient town demonstrates the country’s deep-rooted historical richness. It was an ancient Greek city in Illyria where elites of Roman elites were educated and remained an educational center of the region until the medieval. (Read more:  undeniable)

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How generous:

Euro Lips, Euro Med

Migrants sew mouths shut in Italy

They are no longer ‘refugees’, ‘boat people’, or ‘asylum seekers’, they are just ‘migrants’, you see.  Migration, according to the Koran, is their religious obligation (Hijra). They are soldiers of allah, missionary invaders, to call the infidels to Islam, by all and any means.


Israel considering Assad alliance
That’ll  drive the sunnis nuts!

Israel has said that it is now prepared to take sides in the Syrian civil conflict, stating the threat of Al-Qaeda fighters in the country as a game-changer.

An Israel official stated that two years ago the number of Al-Qaeda linked fighters in Syria was a mere 2,000, but today that figure stands at around 30,000.

Fearing that once they are rid of Bashar al-Assad they may turn their guns on Israel, the official said that for this reason Israel may reconsider its ‘take no sides’ policy.

“After Assad and after establishing or strengthening their foothold in Syria they are going to move and deflect their effort and attack Israel,” he told The Associated Press.

The official also added that at first Israel was happy to sit back and watch the rival groups weaken each other but then realized that things weren’t going according to plan.

“The longer the war in Syria continues, the more jihadists and radicals are coming to this territory,” he said.

Although the Israeli stance on the war still has not formally changed, the official stated that discussions were being held behind closed doors, leading some to speculate that Israel may be considering siding with the Assad regime.