NZ "Gropers" Identity protected

Some people could get the idea that Muslims are pervs. That might irritate local sheeple who must be protected from  “racist-bigot-Islamophobia”.

The way Muslims play our libtarded judiciary is hair-raising.

‘Port Hills Groper’ avoids jail

A Middle Eastern refugee who grabbed, groped and licked female joggers on a popular running route in Christchurch has today avoided jail and been granted permanent name suppression.

‘Port Hills groper’ fears he’ll be ostracised

The family of the man accused of being “The Port Hills Groper” fears he’ll be ostracised by their Muslim community if his identity is revealed, a court was told today.

7 thoughts on “NZ "Gropers" Identity protected”

  1. Amazing the the wishes of a violent minority take precedent over the rest in the eyes of the left wing culturalo reformers!!!

  2. He attended court 8 times before admitting guilt. As well as his big fan the female judge , Judge Jane Farish , he had a female lawyer. In the most recent article , the judge did not say a word about his victims. The victims and the police wanted him to be named and shamed but the judge ignored their wishes.
    At the same time as this was being publicised, an ”Asian ” man was kissing women in a Christchurch park.. The cop involved totally played it down saying no criminal offending had taken place. This man was not charged with any offense. His family was spoken to.
    The striking thing about both these situations was the extreme consideration given to the offenders family’s. In the case of the muslim sex offender , the family early on gave the local paper permission to say he was muslim , tho the judge suppressed this later.. In all the years I have lived here , I have never heard of Maori or European families having any say about their offending relatives.
    Foreign sex offenders are being put ahead of the local women and their families are receiving first class effect , there are two justice systems.

  3. YOU REALLY ARE STUPID STUFF WITS – New Zealand Judge Jane Farish and your enabling/assisting COMPATRIOTS IN CRIMES against the Country (that pays you) and laws of that land which you all claim to love and protect.

    You do realise – New Zealand Judge Jane Farish” & COMPATRIOTS IN CRIME – that you are now MORE guilty than the CRIMINALS you exonerate – as are ALL the ‘POLITICALS’ who are Enabling/Assisting the Islam muslim in Western Democratic Countries.

    You will be held accountable YOU GUILTY SCUMS and you will be INCARCERATED for these crimes of Treason AND Sedition and this will initially stop you from joining your DEPORTED Islam muslim MASTERS.

  4. Yes John Daniel. It is outrageous. It is treasonous and all in the country which was the first to give women the vote. [see Kate Shepherd.]
    I am making an official complaint re the judge but this process is long and tedious. The complaint will only be dealt with in about one years time. I did note in one the articles Sheik has provided that an earlier male Judge , Judge Macaskill said people should not receive special treatment on account of race or religion.
    All around the world , moronic western women seem to be adding and abetting muslims in their crimes. When does a groper graduate to rape?

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