"Racism" Discovered: bring your baseball bats!


All resistance to Islam, the  globull worming religion and homo marriage must be eliminated. In the new Australia there will be no ‘racists’ preventing us from reaching nirvana:

Navy probe as personnel are linked to “racist Australian Defence League”

Isn’t it peculiar how quick gov’t stooges act to investigate “racism” and other imaginary threats to our Mohammedan cultural enrichers? When the soldiers of allah go on rape sprees or shoot each other up you nary get a peep out of them. Something seems to be amiss here, what could it be….?

Bianca Hall/WA Today

The Australian navy has launched an internal investigation into revelations Defence personnel are members of an online racist group that calls for members to ”fight [the] Muslim infiltration of our country”.

At least 20 personnel are members of the Australian Defence League, which is affiliated with the hardline English Defence League, known for its links to football hooliganism and street marches that sometimes descend into violence.


It is understood some of the personnel work in the front line of Australia’s efforts to control the number of asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat.

On its Facebook page, the ADL has called for members to go to Lakemba Park in Sydney for Australia Day. One member wrote: ”It’ll be great fun, bring your baseball bats and cricket bats. There will be a lot of balls to hit.”

The page’s administrator cautioned members that: ”You do understand that if there is an issue your public comments on here may become a component of an investigation?”

After Fairfax provided the Australian Defence Force with screenshots of more than 20 ADL members who also listed their employment as Royal Australian Navy, the army and Defence, a spokeswoman said it would take swift action. ”Navy has initiated an investigation into this matter and, as such, it would be inappropriate to make further comment,” she said.

”Army is currently conducting inquiries into reports that army personnel are associated with the Facebook page.

”Should it be confirmed that any serving member of the ADF has made comments on any Facebook page which are contrary to Defence values and social media policy, disciplinary and/or administrative action may be taken.”

The ADF introduced strict social media guidelines for members in January last year, including private use where personnel can be identified as an employee or member of the ADF.

Last week, Fairfax Media revealed Defence was investigating a navy member who had commented on a friend’s Facebook post about asylum seekers.

The friend, who claimed to be an ADL member, wrote about asylum seekers whose boat had sunk, claiming they had come to Australia ”to jump on Centrelink and get free government housing”. The navy member in question wrote: ”I’m about to head out today to deal with these f—ers.”

After the post was shared hundreds of times on social media last week, the navy member deleted his Facebook account.

The Defence spokeswoman said the ADF would pursue disciplinary action against any member who broke its social media policy, including its anti-discrimination rules.

”Defence does not condone offensive and unacceptable behaviour and such behaviour does not represent the values and ethos of Defence and the majority of its members,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Customs and Border Protection said: ”Officers are aware of their responsibilities under current policies detailing the responsible use of online social networks [and] employees who breach this policy will be dealt with in accord with this internal policy and the APS values and code of conduct.”

Customs said an Australian member of the ADL, who identified himself as a ”gunner” with the agency, ”is not and has never been” a customs officer.

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  1. Im proud to be an Aussie. Any left wing, Muslim loving, spineless twerps want a fight , im happy to oblige .

  2. Politically correct? They have to be voted OUT
    If it was muslim league they would have ok’d it
    These idiots don’t realise that muzzies have to be
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