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Full of bile and  ideologically driven,  our ABC tards keep droning on about fraudulent refugees and their phoney Indonesian spokesturds. Their burned hand Muslim asylum fraudsters boat was  turned around and skippered back to Indonesia, and we all know that turning boats around can’t be done.

Here’s another example of how unhinged this mob is:


We need your help.

After smearing Australian Navy personnel as torturers, the ABC now belatedly seeks the other side of the story.

This is a fishing exercise by an entity already revealed as hostile to Australian servicemen. (Tim Blair)


Found a sucker!

Stop the boats asylum seeker policy ‘morally corrupt and indefensible’, former Navy officer says

“The concept of turning boats back is absolutely abhorrent. I have an issue with the hardline approach, the fact that RAN sailors are (now) being used for political purposes,” he said.

“And turning back boats on the open sea and pursuing towards Indonesia, which happened just recently, is not the naval way of doing things.”

 Captain John Ingram says chasing asylum seeker boats back to Indonesia is “not the naval way of doing things”.(Foreign Correspondent/Mark Corcoran)


There you go. If necessary, the ABC will drag a pensioner out of his retirement home to prove what exactly?


“Prime minister (Malcolm) Fraser displayed that leadership when he opened the doors to boat folk from South-East Asian refugee camps,” he said.

Poor chappy seems to believe that Muslims are just like Jews, (WWII) Vietnamese (1975 -85) or Chinese (Tiananmen revolt) He seems to lack access to proper news sources. And he certainly never cracked open a Koran.

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