The ABC is cynical about our navy and blindly trusting of asylum fraudsters

Worse. The ABC is clearly siding with Mohammedan invaders against the Australian people.


Its not that the ABC hasn’t been paying attention. They can’t stand to see Abbott’s government succeed where they failed. Its like they can’t wait to  live under sharia. Like Germaine Greer said: ‘too bad we can’t have socialism without the burqa.’


Tim Blair –

Fairfax last week interviewed an asylum seeker who confirmed the practice of deliberately sinking boats as a ruse to obtain aid from the Australian Navy:

“We were very happy because we thought when the boat went into the water, then they must receive us,” Qadir told Fairfax.

“All of the people on board already knew of other vessels which had been returned to Indonesia, so were determined to be rescued rather than escorted back. One passenger took a piece of wood and prised open the hole that was already in the hull. Others rocked the boat.”

In that case, one of those on board was a 20-month-old baby. Now the ABC is promoting claims from other asylum seekers who say they were tortured by navy personnel:

ABC News has obtained video footage of asylum seekers receiving medical assessments of burns that Indonesian police say were inflicted by the Australian Navy.

Indonesian police say they had to get treatment for 10 asylum seekers, seven of whom had severe burns on their hands after they were picked up in Indonesian waters on January 6 …

The video and the version of events given by the police seems to back up the claims of mistreatmentmade by the asylum seekers when they first spoke to the ABC a fortnight ago.

Really? How, exactly? All we have here is some burned hands. There is no evidence at all as to the cause, apart from the word of Somali boat passenger Merke Abdullah Ahmed:

“They physically harmed us. Some of the passengers onboard, they tried to complain and speak about just their problems. They just punched [them] … and, you know, fall down on the ground,” he said.

Yeah, right. And then they somehow found the time to grab seven asylum seekers and hold their hands on a hot engine for long enough to cause burns. The logistics of this alleged torture – how did navy personnel avoid being burned themselves? – seems problematic. The navy now responds to the ABC’s libel:

Far from burning the hands of asylum seekers, Australian Navy sailors actually provided first aid to asylum seekers whose hands were burned as they attempted to sabotage their own boat.

Navy chief Vice-Admiral Griggs will take to Twitter later today to deny allegations by Indonesian police and asylum seekers that his sailors had tortured them by burning their hands and bashing them.

The ABC is cynical about our navy and blindly trusting of asylum seekers. The ABC hasn’t been paying attention.

UPDATE. Note how Fairfax frames this story:

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison told 6PR radio on Wednesday that it was “a pretty poor effort” for the ABC to report the asylum seekers’ claims of receiving burns because of treatment by the Australian navy.

Despite video footage of the asylum seekers showing their burns, Mr Morrison said the claims were “unfounded, unsubstantiated, outrageous allegations against our navy and our customs and border protection service”.

The “despite” implies that the footage is actual evidence of navy torture. It isn’t.

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  2. John,
    It is more useful to lobby goverment directly with your concerns – but make sure that you can supprt every statemetn you make – just a little research is required – becausethe truth cannot be covered for ever and the facts support your point of view very strongly.

  3. Well when it comes to the Navy torture allegations, it seems that the ABC and Fairfax have egg all over their faces.

    You can bet no appologie will be forthcoming from either organisation.

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