Warmist Idiot Who Got Ship Stuck in Ice Trying to Prove Ice was Melting Wins Global Warming Award

He’s back!

The ABC is already up to its usual tricks to protect the warmist cause from embarrassment.

Three weeks after being rescued from a ship beset by ice, Chris Turney and his band of 51 warmists are finally dropped off on dry land. And still Turney is protesting it’s warm:


The ABC once promoted Turney’s Ship of Fools as a serious scientific expedition to investigate global warming and missing ice. When Turney’s ship got stuck in ice that’s actually at near-record levels, the ABC’s reports suddenly stopped mentioning “climate change” and “global warming”. So I with some eagerness wait for the ABC to make good this promise, made in November as Turney sailed off to Antarctica:

MARGOT O’NEILL: The expedition sails south tomorrow on a mission to revive the spirit of one of Australia’s greatest scientific explorations for a new generation grappling with climate change.  Lateline will broadcast an update early next year.

What’s your tip? (More from Andrew Bolt: He’s back!


 Warmist Idiots

No, it’s not a Darwin Award, though it probably should have been. If you’ve already forgotten Chris Turney, he was the genius who not only got a ship so thoroughly stuck in ice that it took multiple icebreakers to try and stage a rescue leading to a forced helicopter evacuation.

And all that happened because Chris was trying to prove that the ice was melting. (Hint: it wasn’t.)

Turney’s amazing Global Warming adventure not only cost a lot of money for his rescuers, but also badly disrupted actual scientific research. (More from Daniel Greenfield)


Attention local warmists: it is called “global” warming

Not necessarily. Most of us ‘deniers’ still call it the weather….LOL!