"The future must not belong to….."

This is an unbelievable story.

Obama Administration Continues Its War on Productive, Professional and Skilled US Immigrants (GWP)

It’s an Obama world.


While unskilled illiterate illegal immigrants continue to flood into the US, legal professional immigrants continue to be harassed, threatened and charged criminally by the Obama administration.

 Another Hollyweird Thriller About Christian Terrorists in New York City

Californicating cowards are afraid to link Islam and terror and afraid to portray the horrors of fanatical headbangers who declared war on America on the world over a decade  1400 years ago.– The Follies of Jack Ryan

U.S. Lame Stream Media:  Football and Basketball More Important Than Benghazi.

Obama Admits Trying to Control Media in New Yorker Profile

Obama’s ‘everybody does it’ claim is belied by Van Susteren: “In 20 plus years, I have never received a call to try and shut down a colleague – not that I even could – this was a first. “

He doesn’t even realise that we hate the part of him that’s white just as much:

Obama Blames “Racism” For His Lower Approval Ratings

The bastard son of a mud shark and a Kenyan Marxist Muslim came to power because he is black. Nobody would have given him the light of day if he was plain white trash.

It couldn’t possibly be his failed economic policies, the fact that he lied to Americans for years about Obamacare or his destructive foreign policy.  No, it’s racism.


Obama to Rule by Executive Action, Bully Pulpit in ‘Year of Action’

Banglatrash in NYC

A Bangladesh Grows in Brooklyn

When the infidels of Brooklyn wander into their territory, they are glared at as the foreign intruders that they are.

Dumbing Down

Asking Hipsters About Bands that Don’t Exist

Music fans love knowing about bands that no one has ever heard of. So we went to Coachella and asked people what they thought about a bunch of bands that don’t exist. We made them all up but that didn’t stop people from pretending they knew them.

You can’t be a hipster without only loving music that nobody else has ever heard of. It seems to be one of the most important part of being a hipster. Suddenly, bands that achieve mainstream success “are too commercial” and their music ceases to be enjoyable. Weird. I guess it’s just one of those “hipster-isms” that you need to accept to be a hipster.

See, it’s not the desire to discover new bands for the purpose of getting their music out for the rest of the world to hear that drives this need. No, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The hipster seems to only be happy if they know something you don’t know, but as soon as you know it, it’s no longer hip, and thus ends the hipster’s infatuation with that band.

This video is great, with the only exception being the part about Two Door Cinema Club that the crowd seems to get a big kick out of but the band does actually exist. Although I’m quite certain they never made an album called DJ Cornmeal …