The Grievances of China's Knife Wielding Muslims

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Police have detained dozens of people in sweeps through Volgograd after 34 people died in two attacks within 24 hours.

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Russian bombing suspect followed “way of jihad”

“It is not easy to go this way, the way of jihad,” he said. “But Allah makes us strong.’

China: Got Muslims? Got Jihad!

Lets take another look at  China’s knife-wielding Muslims:

As reported by Australia’s ABC this morning, drawing on Reuters and AFP. As usual, one has to read quite a ways down through the story – in this case, as far as the fifth sentence down – before one encounters the M-word.


“Chinese Police Shoot Eight Dead in Xinjiang ‘terrorist attack'”.

“Chinese officials say eight people have been shot dead during a “terrorist attack” on a police station in the western region of Xinjiang.

“The attack happened in Yarkand county, in Xinjiang’s south, the regional government said in a statement on its news website (

“At around 6.30 am, nine thugs carrying knives attacked a police station in Kashgar’s Yarkand county, throwing explosive devices and setting police cars on fire”, it said.

“Nine thugs”?  How about ‘nine Muslim thugs’? – CM

“The police took decisive measures, shooting dead eight and capturing one”, it added, labelling the incident a “violent terrorist attack” which was being investigated.

“Xinjiang is home to a Turkic-speaking Muslim people known as Uighurs, some of whom resent what they see as oppressive treatment by the government.

The Chinese regime is indeed oppressive toward all non-Han minorities whether Muslim or non-Muslim.  But when one thinks about the case of the Muslims within China it is well to remember the special Islamspeak meaning of “oppression”.  Even if the Chinese treated the Uighur with the scrupulous restraint and decency displayed by, for example, the Israelis toward the Arab Muslim minority that is resident within Israel, I have no doubt that the Muslims would still bitterly resent their situation, and that significant numbers of them would be sulking, fretting, whining about being ‘oppressed’ and actively fomenting and attempting violence as and when they thought they could get away with it, (indeed, probably more often and more violently than they do under the current state of affairs) for they would still be living within a majority-Infidel state and under Infidel laws rather than the Sharia of Islam, and that alone is enough to constitute ‘oppression’.  The mere existence of Infidels uncowed and free of Muslim dominance, anywhere at all in the entire world, is felt to be  ‘oppressive’ by those Muslims who take Islam most to heart.  How dare such Infidels rebel against allah! They must be attacked. They must be brought to heel. Their heinous ‘oppression’ and ‘persecution’ of Muslims must be brought to an end.  For a classic discussion of the danger of legitimising Muslim “grievances”, see here.

“At least 91 people, including several police officers, have been killed in violence in Xinjiang since April, according to state media reports.

“This month, police shot and killed 14 people duirng a riot near Kashgar in which two policemen were also killed.

Riots seem to happen a lot in heavily-Islamised areas, all over the world.  Muslims even rioted in central Sydney, Australia, in September 2012. Islam: it’s a riot. – CM

“At least nine civilians and two policemen were killed last month when a group of people (sic: reading between the lines, that should probably be, “a howling allahu-akbaring Muslim mob – CM) attacked a police station, also near Kashgar, state media said.

‘China has previously blamed some of the violence in Xinjiang on Islamist militants plotting holy war.

‘Holy war’. That is: Jihad.  Got Muslims? – got Jihad. China has Muslims; ergo, China has Jihad. Just like everywhere else that has a Mohammedan colony. – CM

“Monday’s attack showed the serious threat posed by separatism, extremism and terrorism, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular press briefing.

Come on mate, spit it out: when (and only when) you are dealing with Muslims, what you’ve got is  - Jihad. The Fifth Column of the Empire of Islam is attempting to overthrow the infidel empire of China. – CM

“it testifies once again to the anti-society and anti-human nature of the three evil forces, and they have caused great damage to the state, the society and the people”, he said.

It is Islam, the religion of blood and war, that is indeed anti-society and anti-human (though not, alas, in some respects, anti-human nature, for it answers to and unlooses all the basest aspects of our nature: violence and lust and the desire to domineer over, terrorise and hurt other people, especially those weaker than oneself). – CM

“The Chinese Government will strike hard against them in accordance with the law”.

“Many Uighurs chafe at restrictions on their culture, language and religion, though the government insists it grants them broad freedoms.

It should be borne grimly in mind that Muslims if living within an infidel state where they cannot and do not totally dominate the surrounding infidels, and in which they are subjected to Infidel laws, will always complain of being ‘persecuted’ and ‘oppressed’.  As witness those who dwell within the heart of the free Western world, and their continual whining about “islamophobia” and attempts to pretend that they are being subjected to attack. – CM

‘Rights groups and exiles say police often use heavy-handed tactics against the Uighur community.

‘They say violence has broken out previously when groups of Uighurs protest at police stations.

Muslim ‘protests’, however, tend so very often to be – if one takes a long hard look at reality – nothing more than violent rioting. – CM

‘Xinjiang has been the scene of numerous incidents of unrest (there is always ‘unrest’ in heavily-Islamised parts of the world - CM)  in recent years, which the government often blames on the separatist East Turkestan Islamic Movement, even though many experts and rights groups cast doubt on its existence as a cohesive group.

There need not be such a group.  Wherever there are Muslims living next to non-Muslims there will be some kind of Muslim aggression toward those non-Muslims; the level and type of aggression indulged in will depend on how strong those non-Muslims are perceived to be. – CM

“Many rights groups say China has long overplayed the threat posed to justify its tough controls in energy-rich Xinjiang, which lies on the borders of Central Asia (that is: majority-Muslim Central Asia – a swathe of overwhelmingly-Muslim lands stretching from Kirgizstan through to Azerbaijan, lands Islamised by past Jihads – CM), India(with its huge and increasingly-aggressive Muslim minority – CM), and Pakistan (nuclear-armed and chaotic majority-Muslim – and attempting to become ever-more-purely-Islamic Pakistan – CM).


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  1. If the west instead of putting their heads up their arses and take notes from China and Russia on how to deal with ”moslems” i’m assured that these pedo followers wouldn’t be so forthright.We more concerned if we offend them,encroach on there ”uman rites” or deny them all and sundry instead of ”OI,this is our country,our way of life and our religion so fuck off.”

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