There's hijabbery going on!

They should call it World Misogyny Day:

… On February 1, one million Muslim and non-Muslim women wearing a traditional Islamic head scarf are going to march on the streets of 116 countries to mark the second anniversary of World Hijab Day. …

More submission to the bloodcult at OnIslam (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

Stereoptypohobia in Canuckistan


“We want everyone to come and try on a hijab,” Kiran Malik-Khan, the organizer of the event, said in a release. “The biggest stereotype out there is that Muslim women are forced to wear a hijab, which isn’t true. The hijab is an emblem of our modesty, honour and beauty. We wear it because we embrace it with pride.”  (Or else…)

More Stereotypophobia and Misconception Battlers

“We have both Sunni and Shia within the group and both on the e-­board,” and: “There is a misconception that all Muslims are Arab and all Arabs are Muslim,” she said.

… one of the main events of the week will be a day where scarves are passed out to women around campus to wear on their heads like the traditional Muslim hijab. More stereotype-battling by wearing stereotypical hedjabs at Grand Valley Lanthorn

MONTREAL - They’re young, powerful, educated, stylish and they wear a hijab.

The video self starts, which is annoying. Therefore I put it below the fold.

Their aim is to to break down the stereotype of the hijab as a symbol of oppression.

A University of Calgary student is trying to get more Muslim-friendly (cat?) meat on campus. …

More Kuffar-unfriendly meat, with audio, at CBC News

4 thoughts on “There's hijabbery going on!”

  1. Sheik,

    You should have also used the article of the Ayatollah’s granddaughter receiving an award in Canada a few months back.

    Dressed in her hooker shoes, skinny jeans and hijab.

    So, when do I and other Western Women get our special day? To celebrate our special right to go about our Western streets without being sexually and verbally harassed for not wearing a hijab, which also happens to be culturally foreign to us. Whens our day?

  2. Correcting “THEIR” mis-information about Islam ….
    MONTREAL – They’re young, powerful(???), educated(???), stylish(???) and they wear a hijab (Islam-Slave Uniform).

    They call themselves ‘mipsters’
    Gorgeous just Gorgeous ‘Cool’ & ‘Hip’ – Whatever – but they are self-PoisonedChalices – AND GUILTY OF – practising
    Treason/Sedition against their ‘Host’ country

    Irrespective of what these ‘mipsters’ sprout on about ….
    They are (by their own admission) VILE and CRIMINAL and ISLAM-muslim!

    – “There is no other Islam
    – as stated by the Prime Minister of TURKEY – Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Following Logically on from the “Islam is Islam” Statement ….
    The Qur’an is The Qur’an
    – There is no Other Qur’an

    The Sira is the Sira
    – There is no Other Sira

    The Hadith is The Hadith
    – There is no Other Hadith

    All Islam-muslim use the SAME Qur’an Sira and Hadith

    Whatever ‘Type’ of Islam-muslim they ‘Claim‘ to be
    – they all have the SAME sources for their Islam-muslim Ideology ….
    Islam has Three STANDARDISED ‘Manuals’ ….
    1. Qor’an – “The Arabic Thug Manual“,
    2. Sira – The Chief Arab Thug’s Biography and
    3. Hadith – The Chief Arab Thug’s Traditions – what he did and said.

    Islam also uses the STANDARDISED TRILOGY ….
    1. The Sira – Muhammad’s Biography.
    2. The Hadith – his traditions – what he did and said.
    3. Sharia = Sira and Hadith form the Sunna, combined with the Qur’an form Sharia – “The Perfect Law of all Islamic-Behaviour” [sick].

    The ‘mipsters’ aim is to to break down the stereotype of the hijab as a symbol of oppression.
    Sorry babes – You – can’t change rea;ity!

    Irrespective of what these ‘mipsters’ Do Say Profess OR Self-Delude about ….
    The hijab REMAINS a symbol of oppression.
    They REMAIN in total denial about their own Self-Inflicted reality.
    So Sad“.
    AND – They are STILL GUILTY OF – practising Treason/Sedition against their ‘Host’ country.

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