If Stalinism is “progressive”, then what do we call the ABC?

If Stalinism is “progressive”, then what do we call the ABC?

Not one of the ABC’s main current affairs shows on TV or radio is hosted by a conservative. Every host of ABC TV’s “Media Watch” in its 24 year history has been of the political Left.

233485-8b8456ee-60ba-11e3-8bef-f68fbd62ade2A billion dollars per annum is what we are  paying for the pond scum of the Australian Left to run the socialist propaganda unit that the ABC is today. Paul Syvret from the Courier Mail involuntarily tells much truth in his satirical article  that is supposed to crack you up.  But its more likely to make you choke.

The ABC promptly finds a sucker (Craig Laundy) who tells us we should switch channels if we don’t like it. Trouble is, there are no channels……

ABC has ‘a contract with the Australian people’ says Liberal MP


They certainly do, but they don’t honour it. “Fair & Balanced” is hardcore commie prop 24/7 for these cretins.

Updated Thu 30 Jan 2014

Liberal MP Craig Laundy says although many people do criticise how the ABC reports on stories, the broadcaster has a right to speak freely as a fundamental part of our democracy.

Andrew Bolt:

An extraordinary way for an ABC reporter to soft-soap Pete Seeger’s support for a bloody tyranny led by Joseph Stalin:

ASHLEY HALL: This is Pete Seeger performing at the Melbourne Town Hall in 1963. Originally recorded by his band the Weavers, If I Had a Hammer is one of his best known works. He wrote it with band mate Lee Hays in 1949 and the first time they performed it was at a testimonial dinner for the leaders of the Communist Party – just one example of Pete Seeger’s commitment to progressive politics.

A party preaching a totalitarian creed and pledging loyalty to Stalin’s Russia is an example of “progressive” politics?

On it goes:

ASHLEY HALL: His commitment to progressive politics saw him nearly landed in jail at one point. What happened there?

ALLAN WINKLER: In the 1950s when Joseph McCarthy and the anti-communist crusade got under way, he was tarred as having been a member of the Communist Party.


Pardon? Seeger was not “tarred as having been a member of the Communist Party”. He actually was a member of that party, which was loyal to the Soviet Union at a time when Stalin was killing dissidents, deporting entire communities, jailing writers and imprisoning millions in gulags. 

“Progressive” indeed.

Would I be wrong in considering this just one more pixel in a picture of ABC Leftism?


Another pixel. Of course the ABC isn’t biased, It’s just that ABC hosts such as Jonathan Green, who hung a John Howard pinata from his tree on election day in 2007, believes a conservative like me is actually on the ”stratospheric right”.

Yes, the ABC isn’t biased and only rotten conservatives would think so.

7 thoughts on “If Stalinism is “progressive”, then what do we call the ABC?”

  1. Exposing how the ABC spends your $1.4 billion

    A REVIEW of ABC funding was launched last night as the row between the national broadcaster and the Abbott government escalated after months of government attacks on its news coverage.

    Only a day after defending the ABC’s independence amid criticism from the PM, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull ordered a “study of the efficiency” of the $1.4 billion worth of annual expense for public broadcasters, the ABC and SBS.



    The departmental review, assisted by ex-Seven West Media Limited chief financial officer Peter Lewis, will examine day-to-day costs for ABC and SBS programs, products and services, and “propose options to increase efficiency and reduce expense”.

    Michael Smith:

    From the ABC website today

    ABC, SBS review: Federal Government to launch efficiency study UPDATED 12 MIN AGO The Federal Government is set to launch a study into the efficiency of the operations of the ABC and SBS. In a statement, the Department of Communications says it will examine operational costs as well as products and services in order to “increase efficiency and reduce expense”. The study aims to: Expand The decision comes a day after Prime Minister Tony Abbott claimed the broadcaster was unpatriotic in its coverage of the Edward Snowden leaks and asylum seeker abuse claims. Mr Peter Lewis, formerly a chief finance officer at Seven West Media Limited, will assist the department in its work. In a statement, the Coalition Government says “it is a routine responsibility… to ensure that the ABC and SBS use public resources as efficiently as possible”. “The objective is to ensure ABC and SBS fulfil their charter responsibilities at least cost to the community, and keep pace with rapidly changing practices in the broadcasting sector,” it added. The study will not review the broadcasters’ charters, or their editorial and programming decisions. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stressed that the study will not focus on editorial policies. “What it is designed to do is to ensure that the ABC is running its business as cost-effectively as possible,” he said. “The study is not looking at the editorial policies of the ABC nor looking at the programming content.”

  2. Switch channels if one doesn’t like it? Does that mean that one in Australia has the right to withhold money from going to the ABC if one does not agree with content and programing too?

    Somehow, I highly doubt it.

  3. Its the Peoples TV!

    The ABC Ministry of Truth manufactures all the truth you need for the “common good”.

  4. I strongly support continued funding of the Australian Bolshevik Commentariat, just with a marginal change: Let’s base the funding on an opt-in monthly fee. You give the ABC your bank details, and they take out every month what they need to run the show. Fair enough?

    Then progressive Australians can indulge in their red/green agitprop 24/7, without the reactionary bourgeoisie always whining about one-sided programming.

    Then they can finally prove us wrong that socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money.

  5. At Raoul M,

    Ahhh. See, to simply “takes what one needs” in organizations like the ABC and the BBC is not possible as they are hindered by infinite desideratum.

    I stopped paying my TV license after two events, First, the deliberately stacked audience on the BBC Question Time against the American ambassador after 9/11 and the later revelation at the BBC that private cars and taxi’s were being hired so the wives and family of BBC executives could go shopping to tune of over a million pounds a year.

    Ultimately, Middle Class wankers felt that they were comfortably entitled to take my money and use it to provide themselves and their families with private car hires. Clearly, the Moochers at the Beeb are not any different than MP’s who felt entitled to MY money to subsidize their personal needs like duck ponds, tampons and groceries. Or the seemingly endless parasites at the bottom who see the dole as a lifestyle choice. It does not matter what societal level one is on, ultimately we have a growing moocher class that is being encouraged by gerrymandering and the arrogance of entitlement of an imperious government elite class and their agents.

    Ultimately, to quote the vile American Neo-Communist, Van Jones, the intent is to crush us, through a two prong attacks via the “Top down and bottom up” approach as he happily stated in previous lectures.

    Apparently everyone else is entitled to our money to supplement their lives, but us plebs who have laboured for it.

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