Up in smoke: MuBro Nest in Minneapolis rocked by "large explosion"

The entire incident smells funny:

At 8:16am CT this morning, a large explosion shook a three-story building in Minneapolis. The structure was quickly engulfed by fire, and some of the apartment-dwellers on the upper floors were forced to jump from their windows into subzero temperatures to escape the blaze. The top floors of the building eventually collapsed into the first floor. Fourteen people were hospitalized, and six of them are listed in critical condition.

A news article refers to the locale as an “ethnic community of predominantly Somali immigrants”. In one news story the building was described as a “community center” containing a grocery, a mosque, and apartments.  But the mosque described in the news story seemed almost certain to be the “Islamic Civic Society of America and Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque”.

cedaravefireBaron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna took a closer look at the website of the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque. Among the resources on their links page are Prof. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Yusuf Al-Qardawi, Ottawa Muslim, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islah Movement in Somalia, the Muslim Association of Britain, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and other Muslim Brotherhood fronts.

Were the three missing occupants would-be mujahideen who experienced a premature… ahem… detonation?


CAIR springs into action, blames Jews:


(Well, if its not a ‘hatecrime’ it is the ‘backlash’. And if its neither, the Jews did it.  Allah can’t be wrong now, can he?)

In other news from Blazing Cat Fur:

Tariq no longer feels the need to practise taqiyya:

“We are not here to be accepted. We are here to change the society.”

I find it extremely troubling that there are western intellectuals who are in awe of this headbanger.  Some even call him  “reformer” and “philosopher”. He is no such thing. Tariq Ramadan is a primitive savage who can speak a few languages. That’s all.

The Muslim Brotherhood:

Wolf not even in sheep’s clothing

Documents seized in Europe and the US expose the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West; they demonstrate that the movement intends to undermine the regimes from within by using democratic values and freedom of speech.”

To hell in a handbasket:

Report: United Nations is too ‘Christian’

You can’t make this shiite up. Arab money influence is corrupting everything…..