Hateful Dreck Called 'Art'

St. James Church’s immoral arguments

“Quenelle” refers to the neo-Nazi salute that Jew-haters are performing worldwide, often in front of Jewish institutions and sites of atrocities against Jews.

quenelle wall2
In “Comment is Free,” Lucy Winkett defends St. James Church for its anti-Israel “Bethlehem Unplugged” stunt.

We are supporting a peaceful Palestinian principle known as “beautiful resistance”; expressed in theatres, music projects and festivals that exist to counter military dominance with a commitment to non-violent artistic expression.

According to Winkett,  lies and anti-Israel incitement are OK as long as it is positioned as “art”. When the lies are built into plays, exhibits such as this, and music, they are transformed from incitement into something “beautiful.”

We are acutely aware that antisemitism is real and pernicious and we stand strongly against all forms of racism including antisemitism.

I will donate $100 to St. James Church if they publish an unambiguous and undiluted statement on their website specifically condemning Arab antisemitism.

It is easy to say that you are against antisemitism as an abstract concept, but how courageous are you when you might offend a few hundred million Arabs who learn antisemitic lessons from their newspapers,miniseries, TV shows and schools every day?

We support the state of Israel’s right not only to exist but to flourish as a member of the international community within secure, internationally recognised borders.

Let’s look at this statement. Israelis were suffering a wave of suicide bombings. Clearly the borders between them and the Palestinian Authority ruled areas were not secure – by definition. So what could Israel have done to secure its citizens, in church logic? Again, it is easy to say Israel has the right to security, but if the church condemns Israel’s actions to achieve that security and (by implication) would prefer that the status quo be maintained, then their statement that they support Israel’s existence in secure borders is nothing but hot air.

Secondly, we have been challenged that the installation does not acknowledge the government position that the wall was built for security reasons to protect Israeli citizens. It is important therefore to repeat that this is articulated on every leaflet, every display board, and on the festival and church’s own websites.

The problem is that the church doesn’t recognize that the wall has saved countless lives. Here is how it is mentioned in the St James Church website:

The stated aim of the wall at its inception in 2002 was to protect Israeli citizens from terrorism.

The implication is that this is what the Israeli government claims, with no evidence backing it up.

Yet the number of suicide bombings dropped dramatically as the barrier was erected, and the terrorists freely admit it.

Whether Winkett admits it or not, the very idea of building this stunt wall in London shows that St James Church dismisses the value of Israeli lives. There is no other way to interpret their negative views of the separation barrier.

Back at the St James Church site, we see another whopper:

This wall is symbolic of walls all over the world that divide and confine peoples, restricting free movement and dominating the imagination of those who live behind them.

Ah, so this wall is not to condemn Israel – they are just using it as a symbol of all other walls!

So why choose Israel’s?

Well, just like all other people who hate Israel and pretend that they are being morally consistent, “one has to start somewhere.” For some reason, that somewhere is always the single Jewish state.

What an astounding coincidence.

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