When a Muslim speaks out against Islam he becomes "racist?"

Oh, the irony:

Danish rap poet Yahya Hassan faces racism charge for knocking Muslims

The 18-year-old has been attacked, and Denmark plunged into a free speech row over his poems fiercely targeting what he sees as hypocrisy among fellow Muslims
Yahya Hassan Denmark poems rowA young Danish Palestinian rapper and poet, whose debut collection criticising the Danish Muslim immigrant community provoked death threats and a physical assault, appeared in court this week to see his attacker sentenced to five months in prison.

But 18-year-old Yahya Hassan still faces a charge of racism in a second case brought in the same week by a local politician, who claimed that non-Muslims who spoke and wrote as he did would be open to prosecution. Its only fair then, is it not?

Here’s more:

Danish Muslim Apostate Faces Hate Speech Charges

“They can’t handle criticism…they’re not interested in dialogue.”

Acquitted of “Racism”…

….because she “had no intention to hurt anyone”.

MP comparing Muslim women to garbage was creating debate about womenÂ’s rights, says defence lawyer

The reasoning is a bit weird. I didn’t know you could be dragged to court for “intention to hurt”.

Tina Petersen, a former MP for Dansk Folkeparti (DF) and current member of the Svendborg City Council, has has been acquitted of racism after posting a photo on her Facebook page in April that compared Muslims to rubbish.

“Hehe … Remember to take out the big trash tomorrow ;-)))…” Petersen wrote next to a manipulated photo of a burka-clad Muslim woman and child who were made to resemble the two rubbish bags they are standing next to.

What race is this?


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