When Explosions "Occur"

“The victims were about to enter the Church periphery when the explosion occurred.”

Christina McIntosh takes a closer look at ‘occurring explosions’ in the Philippines.

Mindanao, Philippines: Suspected Muslim Jihadists Attack Near Churches on New Year’s Eve, Kill 5, Wound At Least 10 

From two reports in the Philippines “Inquirer”, online, by Juliana Love de Jesus and by Julie Alipala respectively, with material also from Associated Press.  The first report gave the number of dead as 6, but this was revised downward in the second.

“Six Dead, Fifteen Wounded in Mindanao Bomb Attacks”.

“Six people were killed and 10 others were injured in an explosion late Tuesday night near a church after New Year’s Eve Mass in Basilan.

“Reports from the Philippine National Police said the blast at the residential area in Barangay (village) Tumahubong in Sumisip municipality killed Linebel Cisneros, Lourdes Ablong, Rey Limben, Khadic Kitarol, Elbert Gumuba, and an unidentified child.

Linebel, Lourdes, Rey, Khadic (the only possibly-Muslim name among the victims), and Elbert; six more people added to the long and ever-lengthening list of human beings ritually sacrificed by Muslims.  May their bereaved families be comforted, and may Justice be done. – CM

“It happened at 10.20 pm Tuesday during a New Year’s party following a Mass at the residence of a certain militiaman Manuel Cisneros near San Vicente Ferrer Parish.

This is a bit hard to follow at first; it appears, however, on rereading, that this – non-Muslim, to judge from his name and other details – ‘militiaman’ (part of a local Infidel self-defence group??) has his house not far from the parish church, and that after attending midnight mass in the church on New Year’s Eve people – one of whom shares Mr Cisneros’ surname and is presumably a family member – had gone to that house for a New Year’s party; at which point, they were attacked by the bomber/s. – CM

‘According to PNP reports, four were hurt but Armed Forces spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ramon Zagala said the attack injured 10.

“Police said the improvised explosive device used was believed to be made from charges of 105 mm Howitzer.

“In a separate incident, five were wounded when unidentified men tossed a fragmentation grenade along the national highway in Barangay Ugalingan, Carmen, North Cotabto at around 8 pm.

The ‘men’ tossed the grenade ‘along the national highway’?  Just for fun? And they just happened  – whoops! – to hit five people?  This sentence should really read, “five were wounded when unidentified men tossed a fragmentation grenade at them..”. – CM

“The victims, a mother and her three children and another girl, were outside the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), when three suspects on board two motorcycles lobbed the explosive.

Huh?  Why cannot the reporter write the flaming obvious: namely, that “The victims…were outside the UCCP, when three suspects on board two motorcycles lobbed the explosve at them“.  – CM

“The victims were about to enter the Church periphery when the explosion occurred.

Rewrite: “The victims were attacked as they were about to enter the Church periphery” (the church grounds?).  Or, “The attackers struck as the victims were about to enter the Church grounds”.  I am so tired of these reports that continually use the passive voice – “the explosion occurred”.  No: this explosion did not just ‘occur’ out of the blue; somebody threw a grenade, with malice aforethought. And the second report I will reproduce below, shows us just exactly how much deliberate malice was indeed involved.  – CM

“Islamist militants and Muslim rebels (sic: let’s shorten that to ‘Muslim jihad raiders’ – CM) are known to operate in the two southern provinces, but Zagala says it could not be immediately determined if they were involved.

When you get people throwing bombs at New Year’s Eve partygoers (who have just come out of Mass) and churchgoers, in a region where Muslims are making a major push for dominance and have been for decades, it’s rather unlikely to be anything else but Muslims.   And now to the later report. – CM

“Five Dead, Five Hurt in Basilan Blast”.

“Zamboanga City – Five people were killed when a suspected improvised bomb went off (sic: was detonated – CM) in the town of Sumisip on the volatile (that is: “Muslim-infested Islam-addled jihad-wracked” – CM) island province of Basilan on Tuesday as the country prepared to welcome the New Year, police said on Wednesday.

“Lt Col Paulo Perez, commanding officer of the Philippine Army’s 18th Infantry Battalion, reported earlier that the blast in Tumahubong village in Sumisip killed six, including a minor, and wounded six others.

“But Senior Supt Mariio Dapilloza, Basilan provincial police director, said only five people were confirmed killed and five others were wounded in the 10 pm blast outside the house owned by Wikwik Haison, driver of the local parish.

“Dapilloza identified the dead as Rey Limbin, Elbert Gomba, Kitarul Kaddik, Leniebel Cisneros, and Lourdes Ablong.

“Dapilloza said two of the five wounded were minors.

“The victims were gathered outside Haison’s house preparing to welcome the New Year, when the bomb went off, he said.

‘Dapilloza said the motive of the attack was unclear.

If Muslims did it, the last thing anyone should have to scratch their heads about is the motive; because, historically, and also in recent times, there is a very clear pattern of Muslims attacking non-Muslims at times when non-Muslims are engaged in celebrating important secular or religious festivals.  Jews are attacked at Passover and on Rosh Hashanah and, famously, at Yom Kippur (the Yom Kippur war in 1973; combined Muslim armies attacked Israel on the single holiest day in the Jewish religious calendar, the Day of Atonement); Christians at Christmas, at New Year, at Easter.   It is not only because people who are celebrating constitute a ‘target rich environment’, or because they constitute a ‘soft’ target comprising, often, unarmed people who have their guard down; it is also because Muslims are taught to despise and hate all Infidel secular and religious customs and observances, and taught that it is the right and duty of Muslims to attack and to expunge from the face of the earth everything - everything – not-Islam. – CM

“We suspect it was the Abu Sayyaf”, Dapilloza said later on dzBB radio, describing the blast as “very powerful”.  “The incident is still under investigation by the Sumisip police”, he said.

“The Abu Sayyaf, founded in the 1990s with seed money from Osama Bin Laden, has been blamed for (sic: has carried out– CM) the Philippines’ worst terrorist attacks, including the kidnapping of foreigners, and deadly bombings.

“The government has said the group degenerated into a crime gang with no clear ideology over the years (suure: but did any member of the group leave Islam?  So long as they continued to call themselves Muslims their attacks on non-Muslims and on insufficiently-Islamic fellow-Muslims would be perfectly consistent with the core doctrines of Islam – CM), and its ranks fell to just over a few hundred.

“Last year, Abu Sayyaf ambushed a convoy carrying plantation workers, killing six and wounding 22 in the same area.

“Authorities said an Abu Sayyaf faction on a nearby island was believed still to hold a number of foreign as well as Filipino hostages, including two European bird-watchers and a Japanese treasure hunter.”

Kidnapping and holding to ransom is completely Islamic, so long as the victims are non-Muslim or, if Muslim, belong to another sect or are deemed not sufficiently Islamic. – CM

‘In December a Jordanian TV reporter held in captivity for 18 months claimed to have escaped from his Abu Sayyaf captors.

“The military’s Perez said investigators were looking at several angels.

‘Investigators were also looking at the possibility of an accidental explosion involving a grenade carried around by a militiaman among Haison’s guests..”.

Possible, though probably less likely than that it was a Jihad attack.  The other attack, however, the throwing of a grenade at five women and girls as they were going in to Church…I severely doubt it could have been anything but Jihad.  It is very similar to the kind of attack that has been carried out over and over and over by jihadi terror raiders in the south of Thailand. The jihadis mounted on motorbikes zoom up to or past unsuspecting Infidel (or slack Muslim) targets and back-shoot them or throw explosive devices. – CM