When failed states dump their human surplus on us….

“Serious social problems within the African community”.

Wouldn’t it be better to let the Africans  keep these ‘serious problems’ there instead of dumping them on us?


Police played down a violent New Year’s brawl between more than 200 youths of African appearance in Melbourne’s CBD for fear of being accused of “racism”.

A Sudanese-born volunteer with the Salvation Army said many young people from the African community had little education and poor job prospects, making them feel excluded:

“…many of them have experienced great trauma and have come from difficult places… but we need to try and develop real solutions to fix these problems.”

No we don’t because we can’t. We need to keep them out.

“But if they’re brawling in the streets in their hundreds, then isn’t it about time we realised what the situation is and not just play the racism card every time…?”

 The ABC is becoming increasingly hysterical:

3 thoughts on “When failed states dump their human surplus on us….”

  1. The doom of the West – iron will not alloy with clay, regardless of the amount of jizyah and other resources they throw into the melting pot in a futile attempt to make it happen.

  2. ”Racism ” is the weapon the beat us with , the great silencing tool..
    We have just had more silly nonsense from the co-leader of our greens party.. Other politicians called her on her hypocrisy and then she bellowed on the racism drum. I have never taken much notice of the Green party before. I have thought that she is good speaker , now I along with half the country , see her for what she is , a fako..the other green party leader is an Aussie..Red Russell. I like him , so far he hasn’t made a total idiot of himself like his hypocritical side kick.. It is election year in NZ and it is shaping up to be a very close contest so I guess things will get quite nasty but in my book , any day hypocrisy is exposed is a good day on heaven and on this earth.

  3. Just like to repeat myself on ….
    “Serious social problems within the African community”.

    without repeating myself here with what has been already said here….

    but with the additional African ‘beware’ comment ….
    • African – traditionally before Islam were/are ancestor worshippers.
    • Ancestor worship breeds hate, suspicion and fear.
    • There is nothing ennobling about it.
    • The worshippers are truly slaves.

    Ancestor Worship also means that the individual carries the good/bad deeds of their parents and grand parents and great grand parents and aunts and uncles – ad infinitum.

    Also Africans are and remain Tribal (as is the Islam-muslim) – this is an additional foreign concept to most of a ‘Host’ countries population who are individual oriented.

    African Tribalism needs to be made an issue in Australia as any individual who dares to hold one or more Tribe member to account for their unwarranted ‘Entitled’ attitude/behaviour is liable to be stalked and encounter aggressive behaviour from ‘Tribal Hitmen’ who are ‘menbers’ of an illegally created African-immigrants Police Force.

    Some serious Treason/Sedition Guilty charges need to be placed on specific Australian Assisters/Enablers of African immigration as well as Australian Assisters/Enablers of Islam-muslim immigration.

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