Why should we in the advanced world pay any attention at all to these people, their cult, their nonsense, their everything?

Al-Qaeda “may be a mortally wounded tiger that still has some life in it” – John Brennan, CIA director (a Muslim convert.)

APTOPIX Pakistan

Deadly car bombing hits central Syria

At least 18 people killed in Hama as fighting between rebels and al-Qaeda-linked fighters rages on in northern towns.

A car bomb has exploded near a school in the central Syrian province of Hama, killing at least 18 people and wounding dozens more, according to a monitoring group.

Unspeakable Horror:

More than 50 executed in Aleppo bloodbath as rebels turn against each other


A Primitive — But Instructive — Appeal To Primitive Islam-Addled People 

This “graphic novel” — that is, a comic book — is an attempt, presumably by the Syrian regime or, for all I know, by Western governments — to discourage foreign Muslims from enrolling in the Jihad in Syria. There is nothing in it from the Qur’an, Hadith, or Sira, adduced to support such discouragement, and that tells you a lot. The only thing that sows doubt in the mind of the main character is that he was being used as cannon-fodder, or explosive-device fodder.

But I watched the whole thing, which once again filled me with disgust and horror and annoyance that we in the advanced world have to pay any attention at all to these people, their cult, their nonsense, their everything.

Report From Fallujah, Where Sunni Solidarity Trumps Tribal Distaste For Al-Qaeda

by Hugh Fitzgerald. Here.

Sunni Leaders In Iraq Call For Open Revolt Against The Government

They will not accept — and why should they? — the Shi’a supremacy of Baghdad.

State Department Refuses To Answer If Benghazi Attacker Has Ties To Al Qaeda

Answer: yes, he was an al Qaeda operative and an ex-Gitmo ape


WATCH – Krauthammer:

‘Iraq War Was Already Won When Barack Came Into Office”; Obama ‘Liquidated’ Our Gains

Obama abandoned all our bases in Iraq because that’s what Iran wanted. He covered his ass on this by lying and saying he just wasn’t able to negotiate a deal to keep them there. Obama has spit on the graves of everyone who fought and died to win the Iraq war by surrendering all of our gains in order to please our enemy Iran.

In Iraq, Is What’s To Come Still Unsure?

by Hugh Fitzgerald (April 2010)


In 2005 Iraq held the first genuine election in the more than eighty years of its history. Until 1932 the British troops remained in Iraq, creating a country, of sorts, out of three former Ottoman vilayets – Mosul (dominated by Kurds), Baghad (dominated by Sunni Arabs), and Basra (dominated by Shi’a Arabs), under a monarch, King Feisal, a Sunni and, what’s more, a Hashemite, whose imposition led to a revolt by the Shi’a, a revolt put down, expensively, by the British. When they left, they did so only after receiving assurances that nothing bad would happen to the indigenous Christians of Iraq. Within a few months of their departure, one hundred thousand Assyrians were massacred by Muslims.

One writer, William Saroyan, a survivor of the Muslim massacres (by Turks and Kurds) of Christian Armenians, even wrote a book about it. He undercounted; the title of his book was “70,000 Assyrians.” The monarchy remained in place, though the real power was always to be found in the hands of some plotter or strongman. There was Rashid Ali, who was pro-Nazi and whom the British, with help from Jewish volunteers from Mandatory Palestine, managed to overthrow. But mostly, beginning in the 1930s, and then all through the 1940s, and into the 1950s, there was the man formulaically described by the Western press as “strong man” Nuri es-Said.  more>>>

One more:

Booty Calls, Even From Down The Caff In The Edgeware Road

The comical aspect of this particular mise en scene should  not obscure the danger such primitive souls, whether down the caff or high up in Hamlet Towers, pose to Infidel Englishmen, who have allowed their governments to allow such people, now present in the millions, into their countries, and allowed them to remain, and receive every conceivable benefit, and through their demands damage  the school system and the National Healt, and yet the recipients of such generosity are at best quietly hostile, and at worst — oh, at worst are murderously so. Listen to the primitive, perfectly expressing the attitudes of those who take the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira to heart.The Infidels, the  kuffar, are seen – ipse dixit, from a table at the noisy little  Al-Andalus Cafe and Abdullah Azzam Metropolitan Taxi Service- as people from whom property is to be taken, by Muslims, rightfully, when those Muslims fight in the path of Allah.

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