ABC Weasel Words (but still no balance)

The long march through the institutions:

Hide that red flag, comrade. 

Bogans in suits and blue ties? Socialists discuss the danger of looking like socialists at a protest: wearing business attire to prove some activists held jobs.

ABC for “Balance”

“We pay the ABC to be Left to balance censorious and unnatural Right-wingers”– Lisa Wilkinson (The vanity of the ABC’s apologists)

“Allegations must be dealt with…” ABC Rats Declare

But only when it goes against the Navy and the elected government. When it comes to uncover union corruption and JuLiar G-Lards SLUSHFUND GATE  you never hear a word from these proglodytes.

There is blowback:

Labor deserts ABC and Fairfax over “torture” claims

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has accused Labor of undermining ‘’the honour’’ of Defence personnel by calling for an independent inquiry into claims asylum seekers were deliberately burnt by navy personnel…

Graham Richardson doesn’t get it either

MARK Scott just doesn’t get it. Despite all the warning signs over the past two years at least, he does not seem to understand that many senior Coalition figures see the ABC as the enemy. (Labor sees all conservatives as the enemy. The class war against all things conservative never stopped, and the ABC is their megaphone)

Here’s how the left destroys everything we treasure:

Whatever they touch turns to shiite.

Talk about the Left capturing the institutions – only to deride and destroy the very foundations of our freedom: How the Left has trashed our old Parliament House  (Bolt)

Shame on the Museum and on its council, which allowed this spitting on our monuments.


PM urged to review ABC standards

TONY Abbott faces a push from within his cabinet to call a wide-ranging inquiry into the ABC’s editorial standards, after his Defence Minister launched an extraordinary attack on the broadcaster for airing unsubstantiated claims that navy personnel physically abused asylum-seekers. Venting his anger, David Johnston accused the ABC yesterday of having “maliciously maligned” the navy and said he was dissatisfied with “weasel words of apology” from senior management.

The vanity of the ABC’s apologists (Bolt)

Fact: the ABC is not funded to “balance” the Right-wing media any more than it is funded to “balance” the Left-wing Fairfax media, SBS, Guardian Australia, Canberra press gallery, Lisa Wilkinson, Laurie Oakes, The Project, 2UE, FM hosts,, The Conversation, Crikey, The Monthlyand the rest.

Fact: if you want a “natural” conversation, go out into our city streets and towns. What you will hear will make the ABC’s obsessions with boat people, same sex marriage and global warming sound most unnatural.

Fact: the Left has not been the defender of free speech but the enemy.

Still, it’s good that the ABC’s apologists are abandoning the deceitful “ABC isn’t biased” stand, and retreating to the “yes but”.

2 thoughts on “ABC Weasel Words (but still no balance)”

  1. The aBC are a bunch of hypocritical left wing propaganda merchants.

    But does Abbott and the Liberal party have any intention of dealing with them?

    I doubt it.

    The Liberal Party are themselves a bunch of lefties. How long did Howard have to fix this feral rabble?? 3 terms, thats how long!

    Don’t hold your breath theses bastards are part of the problem. Soft cocks all of them.

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