1. Kenya’s battle to end ‘sex for fish’ trade

_72998414_fish1“I’m forced to pay for the fish with sex because I have no other means,” she tells the BBC.  “Usually I sleep with one or two fishermen a week. I could get diseases but I have no other choice: I have my children to send to school. Jaboya is an evil practice.”

2. The president of Central African Republic says the real reasons for the violence need to be addressed to bring peace.

Christians comprise some 50 percent of the population, while Muslims make up only 15 percent.  And these 15% of Muslims  putsched themselves to power, just like they would everywhere else when they see an opening.

“There have never been problems of a religious nature in CAR,” President Samba-Panza tells Al Jazeera. (And islam is a religion of peace.)

Only the third woman president in Africa, she is regarded as a neutral by most parties in the conflict, and has the full backing of the United Nations, the African Union and France.

There are at present 4.600 African peacekeeping troops in place, along with 1,500 French soldiers – numbers that she insists are woefully insufficient to separate the warring sides. –See no Islam, speak no Islam, hear no Islam….

3. Counting the dead in South Sudan

When I came here I saw most of the vulnerable people were killed. Ladies, kids and disabled people were killed,” he says. Of the catalogue of horrors that includes charred infants and chopped children, the scene at St Andrews still stands out in Mayen’s mind.

“When we went to the church, we found six ladies who were raped,  —Recent massacres in Bor spawn calls to document evidence and hold perpetrators to account.

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  1. “The international community and international media focus specifically on the religious dimension of the conflict in CAR. We look at the real sources of the conflict. They are not religious, they are different. Bad governance, poverty and unequal access to power that led to frustration among some of the sons of this country,” she says.”

    See the real sources of conflict have nothing to do with Islam.So there you have it.It comes from the President herself .How can Islam, a religion of peace have anything to do with the violence in CAR.

    Although the Seleka group, are mainly Muslims they are motivated by bad governance, poverty and unequal access to power definitely not by Islam.


    How can intelligent people be so naive or stupid?

    1. She is propped up by the usual suspects, the UN, the world bank and all those Islamophiles who spread that filth around the world. They hold the purse strings; she sings their tune.

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