Rainmakers, Cheerleaders & Agitprops

How many times must I say it: deep six the ABC!

Last night on Lateline,  Emma Alberici asked Tim Wilson if the ABC should be cheerleaders for the Abbott government. Its a bit late  for ABC agitprops to switch sides now, having  been cheerleaders for the criminal KRudd-G-Lard mob.

Tim Wilson ready to fight George Brandis

Wilson says he opposes the restrictions on speech that “offends, insults, humiliates or intimidates”.  Brandis has hinted that he opposes only the restrictions on speech that offends and insults. (Bolt)

@Joe_Hildebrand : People abuse Tim Wilson because he refuses to ban people from abusing each other. The tower of idiocy reaches new heights. #lateline

Isn’t it funny how these ABC apes were cheerleaders for the KRudd-G-Lard mob who would have given us speech legislation that would make China and north Korea yellow with envy?  Just wondering how they can expect to get away with being so openly hostile to an elected government with a mandate  to  make necessary changes?

Two more stories on AM on Abbott’s (successful) border policies

As I said yesterday, never has the ABC been so obsessed with boat people policy than now, when the Liberals are succeeding where Labor disastrously failed. (Bolt)

Today again. The ABC’s AM leads with not one but two stories questioning the Abbott Government’s policies.


The Rainmaker:

Al Gore brings destructive cold whenever he talks about global warming. On the other hand, we have Australia’s Prime Minister:

Tony Abbott arrived in the NSW outback town of Bourke today to talk drought — but instead brought more rain with him than the district has seen for two years.

“If I had known what he would bring, I’d have asked him here months ago,” Mr Ridge said, as giant rain puddles, a sea of red mud and rows of bogged cars collected outside.

Hail the rainbringer!

In other news:

Leftist imbeciles and the token Muslima:

Conservatives outnumbered on Q&A, but the Left outgunned

Andrew Bolt

Terrific performance by Professor Jim Allan on Q&A last night, attacking the carbon tax, mocking our award system and putting the rude, ill-informed and inarticulate Voice of Youf in her place. (By the way, why does host Tony Jones produce one token Muslim after another, but never a token Buddhist?) Allan’s defence of political debate against the Voice of Youf’s demand for a Kumbayah approach to global warming was superb.

Heather Ridout once again reminds us what a disgrace it was for the Australian Industry Group to have her lead it. Here she was prattling on about “the science” of global warming as if it were monolithic and proved the wisdom of having an emission trading system which does virtually nothing to change the climate, but which sure hurts business. Here she was praising the awards system that strangles small business, and apparently defending the subsidies to big car makers that the Productivity Commission reported were a drag on the economy. Her attempts to chip Allan for raising the US as a counter-example were pathetic.

Tony Burke is a fine street-fighter in a terrible cause, but I was struck by how many points the often-underrated Eric Abetz took off him, particularly over the renewable energy target. Few Ministers would be as in control of their brief as Abetz, and none make fewer mistakes.

The new Italian PM Matteo Renzi: