Africa: Its never about Islam….its all "political!"

CAR imam says conflict not about Islam, blames seleka

selekajpg0677ae4fThe top Muslim religious leader in the war-ravaged Central African Republic (CAR) has asserted that the country’s current conflict is political not religious, going on to blame ex-seleka fighters for the plight of CAR’s Muslims.

“All what is happening now has no relation with Islam or Christianity. It is all about politics,” Imam Oumar Kobine Layama, a top Muslim community leader in CAR, told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

“It’s not a religious war,” he added. “It’s a political conflict.” (Seems to be the same problem everywhere…)

What’s not adorable about these highly qualified cultural enrichers?

2555984,h=425,pd=1,w=620Israel: Migrants protest outside foreign embassies

JERUSALEM (AP) — Thousands of African migrants in Israel marched up to the embassies of the United States and European countries on Monday to demand asylum and work rights from the government.

About 60,000 African migrants, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, have made the long journey trekking through Egypt and other Muslim countries to reach Israel in recent years. Some have fled the violence or oppression in their home countries while others have sought a better life and more economic opportunities in Israel.

EU to ease sanctions on Zimbabwe

Who could be more deserving? After kicking all the white wealth creators out and distributing the spoils among black thugs and layabouts, the commie dregs from the EUSSR have decided to reward these likeminded fellows by lifting sanctions.
EU to ease sanctions on Zimbabwe

Farraklown: the Mothership is coming,  (but the wheels are falling off…)

504x600Nation of Islam theology teaches that the “Mother Wheel,” a massive spaceship, remains in orbit and will eventually rescue adherents from earth.

Mass wedding for Muslim converts in Nigeria

A growing number of Nigerian Christians are adopting Islam, sometimes in large groups, including a group of 18 ethnic Igbos and a local monarch and a pastor’s daughter.

Imam refuses to leave Central African Republic

One imam in CAR refused to leave his home, saying that he was willing to be the last Muslim in the country.

“The anti-balaka vigilantes have been targeting us…They’ve burned most of the mosques in the capital, only a handful of mosques remain untouched in our neighborhood,” he explained.

In CAR, 20% Muslims took over the country and started to purge the Christians. Much to their surprise, the Christians fought back…. so now they play the victim, like only muslims can. (Bulletin)