France should take a good look at Switzerland….

Troops and local village allies launch assault, killing six rebels and capturing one of their jungle bases.

Malaysia’s stranded Syrian refugees

Who would harm Harry?

EU: The only good Israel is a dead or dying Israel 

The European Union’s envoy to Israel has said that the EU is only interested in relations with Israel if there is ‘peace’ with the ‘Palestinians.’


Marine Le Pen’s Worldview: Oppose America, Embrace Iran

Le Pen’s worldview seems comes from the man sitting next to her, Aymeric Chauprade, who taught geopolitics at the Joint Defense College of the French army, until he was fired after writing a book in which he voiced the possibility that that the 9/11 attacks might have been part of a deliberate plot conceived in Washington to start an American war against the rest of the world.

Chauprade is being groomed to become the leader of the FN group in the European Parliament after the next French general elections.


Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National (FN), the most likely winner of the upcoming municipal and European elections in France, held a press conference on January 22, in which she presented the foreign policy of her party, including a passionate plea for France to break off its relations with Saudi Arabia and ally itself to Iran.  (In other words, that makes LePen unelectable.)

French Look To The Example Of Switzerland

The vote to curb immigration in Switzerland, though far closer than it ought to have been, has worried politicians all over the E.U., who grasp how much those whom they claim to represent, and whom they presume to instruct and to protect, cannot stand the immigrants — above all, far above all, the Muslim immigrants — who are not stopped from coming, who are not turned back relentlessly and on-mass, who are permitted to take advantage, by fraud and force, of everything that advanced Western states — because they are advanced and Western states — have constructed for the benefit of their own, only to find hostile and aggressive usurpers, in their midst and outbreeding them, exploiting everything welfare states offer, and to the fullest.

Let me repeat the fixed phrases I formulated a decade ago, and keep repeating: “The large-scale presence of Muslims in the countries of Europe has created a situation, for both the non-Muslim indigenes and for non-Muslim immigrants, that is far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.” Do you disagree? Even if you throw up your hands and wail that “there is nothing to be done” do you disagree? No, of course you don’t. (Hugh Fitzgerald)


New Zealand, here we come:

Where’s Yusuf?


The United Arab Emirates has summoned Qatar’s ambassador to formally protest against criticism of the Gulf country by a prominent religious leader who has lived in Qatar for decades, the UAE’s official news agency has said.

Fares al-Nuaimi, Qatar’s ambassador to the UAE, was summoned to the foreign ministry in Abu Dhabi and handed “an official letter of protest” over “insults” by Muslim leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, WAM news agency reported on Sunday.


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  1. RE: NeoCommunist in the EU

    “EU cooperate in myriad areas, using the recently-launched Horizon 2020 research and development program as a prime example.”

    Translation: We loath you dirty Joozs, but we recognize that we can gain from your research and technological advancements, sooo… let’s work together in a phony insincere international harmony whilst we stick the knife in your back.

    Also, there is this gem: “”very keen” to strengthen ties with Israel and bring them to the same level as European non-EU countries like Norway or Switzerland” –What the hell does that mean? Bring Israel to the same level as Norway of Switzerland? As, if Israel needs to be brought up. Wrong country mate.

    Ahh, the EU, the unwanted, univited gem that just keeps giving.

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