Africans in our Parks

Why rape suspects should be identified even if they are refugees

kleine Neger

They’re so cute when they’re little….

Andrew Bolt

Siv Parker in The Guardian would rather police didn’t describe the alleged pack rapists they were asking the public to help catch:

But can we make our society safer without demonising people of colour? The alleged gang rape of a a 14-year-old girl in a western Sydney suburb has been almost entirely framed in terms of race. The girl has been described as being of Pacific Islander descent, while her attackers were “men of African appearance”. One of them, a 16-year-old, was arrested and charged yesterday.

Assuming that no-one talking about someone of African appearance is talking about a white person from Africa, what was the effective call to action here, other than “keep an eye out for black men”? And what was the subliminal message, other than “black men are dangerous”?

Parker should, by that reasoning, also worry that men were being singled out. Were police sending the subliminal message,that “men are dangerous”?

For the issuing of a physical description of an alleged perpetrator to be helpful, it must be accurate and detailed.

Dear Ms Parker: police were asking for help from anyone who might have seen or known of the alleged rapists and were giving an accurate detail that helpfully excluded 99 per cent of the population. Get it?

Otherwise, the very real consequence is the feeding of stereotypes that themselves damage our society… As I write, media reports about the suspected attacker include statements such as “Court papers show the teen’s country of birth as Sudan”. One assumes the writer attaches some significance or relevance to this fact. But because it is unspoken, we are left unhelpfully to connect the dots.

The dots have actually been often excluded or rubbed out by police, politicians and press. The fact is that refugee groups from Africa have a high rate of arrest and imprisonment. This is not a “stereotype” but a statistical fact. What damages our society – and some unfortunate victims of crime – is that we have refused to properly discuss the wisdom of bringing in groups which would struggle, on average, to fit in. Now we read of long-standing tensions between the two ethnic groups involved in this latest alleged crime. I don’t think this is healthy.

Parker wishes such things not be revealed and discussed. I disagree. I suspect Parker is actually protecting her politics rather than people.

Boy, 16, charged over suburban gang rape

A BOY, 16, will face court today accused of being involved in the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in a western Sydney park.

Too soft for the job?

The NSW Minister for Citizenship and Communities was fighting back tears.

Victor Dominello revealed that he had cried while overseas, and questioned his belief that Australia is the best country in the world, when he heard the confronting stories of two NSW girls.

“I shed a tear, more than one,” Dominello told the audience... (call me if you need a Kleenex, Dominello. I sell extra large packs for  Moonbats….)

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  1. And yet, had the rapist been a white man and the girl a muslim, you can guarantee that his description would be everywhere – no doubt with claims that it was a racist fueled hate-crime.

    Perhaps Ms Parker is one of those unfortunate people who believes that all Africans look alike, and all Chinese too?

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