"All cultures welcome…. "

…except ours, which is -somehow-  not worth  having.

Michael Smith:

Labor has a proud history of opening our borders and encouraging people from all cultures to come here. Terri Butler, Labor Candidate, Griffith.

Terri Butler might be happy about Labor’s proud history of “opening our borders and encouraging people from all cultures to come here” but I can’t imagine too many electors for the Seat of Griffith will be.

Al Jizz loves these useful idiots:


Australia asylum seekers left in limbo

Under the new government, elected in September, ongoing applications by asylum seekers were frozen.

Who’s the real “cunt ?”

The Left: the natural home of the barbarian

The foul language, intolerance and spitting hatred of the modern Leftist exposes the sham behind such preachers of peace and reconciliation. The hate-orgy that follows Deveny’s post is astonishing – an insight into a cultural barbarism.  That Deveny has been so heavily nurtured by the ABC says much about the ABC’s decline.



One thought on “"All cultures welcome…. "”

  1. To the lady with the cardboad sign: If all they wanted were the plains, they would be welcome. They want houses, utilities, health care and benefits.
    Worse, they want your submission. Freedom over slavery any day.

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