Antifa & Union Thugs Attack English Defence League; EDL Gets Blamed…

Thanks to Esmeralda Weatherwax

Two police officers injured and four people arrested after violence breaks out during English Defence League march

  • Violence erupted as EDL supporters marched into Slough’s High Street
  • They were opposed by antifascists and the Slough Trades Union Council
  • Police were forced to don riot gear and let dogs loose to regain control

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I didn’t go to Slough yesterday but this is a combination of newspaper reports and information from friends who were there.

Lets start with the Daily Mail – the headline is typical but the comments are excellent.

Two police officers injured and four people arrested after violence
breaks out during English Defence League march 

Bottles and railings were hurled and at least one smoke bomb was set off as the anti-Islamic group marched through the centre of Slough, Berkshire, where antifascists were waiting. The bottles were hurled at the EDL from the balcony of a multi-story car park overlooking the station. One hit a friend of mine, but thankfully it landed on her arm and not her head. She wasn’t hurt.

Officers were forced to don riot gear and let dogs loose in an effort to quell the violence, which resulted in four people being held for public order offences. One police officer suffered facial injuries and another had an injury to his leg.

The EDL’s march through Slough was in protest against plans for an all-girls Muslim faith school in the city and a Muslim community centre in Langley.

It was met by counter-demonstrations led by the Slough Trades Union Council and the Anti-Fascist Network . . . street fighting broke out with both police and antifascists.

Some of the best rated comments:-

…so anti-fascists cause trouble but the Daily Mail attributes it to the EDL – why?

Completely agree. The headline should have read ‘Antifacists bring violence to peaceful EDL march’

The ‘antifascists’ don’t like free speech do they

So the headline implies it was the edl who carried out the violence yet the pictures at the end of the article and in the article itself say that the anti-fascist were the ones throwing missiles and setting off smoke bombs. I dont support edl however u need to get your headlines correct, very misleading

Very misleading for a reason huh !

Note how it is the left wing inspired so-called ‘anti-fascists’ who cover their faces. It is THESE people who stir up trouble. Certainly the EDL are a noisy bunch, but one thing they are not, is Fascists…in fact they are the antithesis….but it suits the media to refer to them as such.

As you can see from the video below (once you have sat through the commercial) it wasn’t the EDL throwing red smoke bombs and canisters.

A brief post from another friend:-

Anyhow, the Slough demo went well today. Had a good mooch around as the black block/UAF/antifa/soap dodgers were allowed to assemble at the top of the road. The march got under way without alcohol which was an inspired choice which kept the marchers clear minded. The OB did a good job at containing the lefties and clearing our path. Only one big flashpoint as we came close to each other but we got to the town square without too much grief. We were right in the centre concourse of Slough shopping centre. Anyone could come and listen and some did. Speeches were made and well received and then it was off for the return to the train station. Again the OB had it down to a tee and cleared a path through town marshalling the leftwingers out of the way. Sweet. A few flashpoints near the station but no major dramas. All in all a well managed and entertaining demo.

A photograph from the Metro in a report which completely fails to mention which group caused the trouble.

The Berkshire Local website is more specific about the violence.

The English Defence League (EDL) march through Slough today was met by counter-protests by the Anti Fascist Network and the Slough Trades Union Council, with protesters clashing with police in the town centre. Officers from Thames Valley and Hampshire police forces, as well as British Transport Police, attempted to maintain order as four people were arrested for public order offences. Violence did break out as the EDL entered the High Street, causing clashes between counter-protesters and the police, in which a smoke bomb was set off and items were thrown, including railings and bottles.

I see that The Sikh Against the EDL (left) has found a friend or his brother to accompany him – I thought he looked so lonely all on his own at Walthamstow in 2012.

The EDL is not finished yet.

There are other patriot groups of course. March for England and the Casuals pre-date the formation of the EDL and their work, particularly in challenging the annual Al Quds march, the hate preaching of Anjem Choudary and Abu Quatada and the malign influence of the Finsbury Park Mosque inspired others. There are other groups who have formed since, and they must forgive me if I do not mention them all by name here, but they contain good and passionate people.

All men and women of goodwill must and will work co-operatively towards our common aims and goals.

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  1. EDL keep the faith, stay strong and look toward building or merging with a political party so that something more than a street presence is generated by these demonstrations. The EDL, completely aside from Robinson’s departure, must create a hard, courageous, loyal and steadfast leadership that can withstand the perpetual slander by the institutional media and the fake left and not allow demoralization among the membership. God bless your great and absolutely necessary work and actions. Keep them coming. Never concede or give up. You WILL be victorious! In solidarity, from California.

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