In Afghanistan, everything is back to normal…

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The more Islamic a society becomes, the more backward, brutal, repressive, and unlivable it will be. That self-styled “progressives” embrace Islam and apologize for it at most every opportunity gives the lie to every decent belief they pretend to hold. (Moonbattery)

Afghanistan now
Anyone horrified by the prevailing culture in Afghanistan —which will swallow the country up like a black hole as soon as US forces leave, sucking it the rest of the way back into hell — needs to remember that  Islam is evil.

Afghanistan shooting: Yalda Waziri killed in Herat (BBC, Jan 2, 2014):

“Gunmen in Afghanistan have killed a senior female official in the western city of Herat, police say. Yalda Waziri, who was 25, worked for the local government. She was shot in the head by two unknown attackers on a motorbike as she left her office in the city centre and died at the scene. Ms Waziri is the latest in a number of senior female officials to be killed in recent months. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for her murder.” (thanks to Wrath0fKhan)

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  1. Every one of the miserable islamists and left wing scum that infect our planet are responsible for the murder of Yalda Waziri, and also for the women in countries controlled by islamic low lifes who have tried to achieve their full potetials but have had their lives brutally stolen. Every one of you left wing bastards who have turned away from commenting against islamic behaviour because it suits your dim witted plans are responsible!!! And the truth of the issue is that not one of you dimwitted left wing scum give a fig for people like Ms. Waziri who pay with their lives for your miserable stupidity!!! You are beyond contempt!!!!!!!!!!!!

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