'Backlash', BDS, Revenge & 'Purpe Hijab Day

Woman shot dead, burnt in Thai deep south ‘revenge attack’

A policeman’s wife was shot dead and then set on fire in front of terrified shoppers at a busy market in Thailand’s violence-ridden deep south, officials said yesterday, in an apparent revenge attack. The 28-year-old Buddhist woman was gunned down on Sunday afternoon as she returned to her car from a market in the Ratapanyang area of Pattani province. (AFP has more)

“Purple Hijab Day”

On February 12, 2009, Aasiya Zubair, a Muslim American co-founder of Bridges TV (a network dedicated to promoting cultural awareness about Muslims), was murdered her husband. he cut off her head. Prior to her death, she had faced countless incidents of domestic abuse. Her husband excused himself in court, stating that Islamicly it was permissible for him to kill her as she did not obey him…  (Mullah/pbuh)

These women seem to be reading a different Koran:

It has been argued many times that violence against women is allowed in Islam, however, this is a grave falsehood due to the misinterpretation and misuse of religion. Islam does not teach, condone, or allow for the abuse of any living thing. It teaches Muslims not to harm others and Muslims are taught to believe there is a grave punishment for Muslims who do harm to others or abuse the land, sea or plant life.

Double Backlash

VIDEO: AFDI Censorship Lawsuit Against Seattle Transit Refusal to Run Anti-Terrorism Bus Advertisement

This lawsuit illustrates the crippling submission and capitulation of government authorities to Islamic supremacists….. (Geller)

Suit against Israeli boycott supporter Jake Lynch ’too unwieldy’ for court

Our crusty hard left judiciary should not be seen as impartial.

Shurat HaDin has submitted a sweeping statement of claim to the Federal Court alleging Professor Lynch has directly discriminated against academics, but also helped deprive all Israelis of cultural, educational, and professional opportunities. In what is likely to be a landmark case revolving around conflicting interpretations of freedom of expression, Shurat HaDin will claim Professor Lynch, by refusing to support a fellowship application by Professor Avnon, deprived him of his professional rights in an act of racial discrimination. (Thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi)

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