Submitting to Islamic mores is dumber than blowing yourself up…


Its official: Muslims are allowed to discriminate against kafirs. If kafirs warn about it, they are guilty of discrimination: Give the prick a stiff middle finger. No offense to the official.

“Discrimination on the basis of sex is illegal, Religion cannot override the rights of others.”

Barbara Kay: Huron College should open up its Islam course, or shut it down

Doesn’t look like it:  “They Doubled Down on Discrimination…”  (Scaramouche)

That’s how Moray Watson describes the decision of Huron College to bar him and other non-Muslim students from auditing a Muslims-only course on Islamic preaching taught by a devout Islamist, the lovely and talented Ingrid Mattson.
Your taxpayer money at work to put western civilisation out of business.  (source)

Handshake refusal leads to fine

Authorities should “stop dodging their responsibilities in the name of political correctness”.

Equality board rules that school’s warning about a Muslim examiner’s refusal to shake hands with female students was tantamount to harassment  (Thanks to BCF)

Winston Churchill answers Obama

“You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”

One of the first acts of Hussein Obama’s presidency was to send back to Britain a powerful Oval Office sculpture of Winston Churchill, looking beetle-browed and determined, the way Churchill really looked when he was defying Hitler.–By James Lewis

We need more like him:

 Iraqi suicide bombing instructor accidentally kills himself and pupilsterroristschool-vi

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