Cannibal Restaurants, the next big thing in multicultural enrichment?


Cannibal restaurant ‘with roasted human heads on the menu’ shut down by police 

When tribal Africa meets European technology and culinary traditions, you get gourmet cannibalism with Oyster sauce or a nice sauce Béarnaise. If this ain’t multiculturalism, I don’t know what is.


Central African Republic

Mass grave discovered in now-abandoned muslim encampment in CAR

Posted on February 14, 2014 by Eeyore (Vlad Tepes)

Al Reuters  obscures the language, “sectarian violence”, and tries to blame the Christians. They skilfully skirt around the jihad, avoid saying ‘muslim’ and twist  the language to make it look like the killings were done by Christians, linked here.

Al Jizz blames the Christians for resisting the jihad:


(Bankrupt) France sends more troops to unrest-torn  jihad damaged CAR

Paris to send 400 more soldiers to the Central African Republic as concern grows over the country’s increasing violence.

3 thoughts on “Cannibal Restaurants, the next big thing in multicultural enrichment?”

  1. Yeah, they hardly ever/even mention the Muslim violence against Christians that instigated all of the violence. And, they call it sectarian violence when Muslims attack Christians, as if the Christians are somehow culpable, but when Christians defend themselves, hang on to your hats. I mean, damn, suddenly Christians are massacring the Muslims! Every time I read such an article on MSN or Yahoo, I call the author out, Yahoo out, liberals out and Muslims out on it. It’s nothing but f*ck*ng propaganda and not even good propaganda. F*ck*ng media outlets defining whether we can protect ourselves from Islamic violence. F*ck them and the camels they rode in on.

  2. Even mentioning that muzzies need a taste of their own medicine attracts howls of horror from the bleedin heart brigade, its almost as if they are totally innocent of the voilence committed against us.

    Australia needs to instill some law and order with this lot but the minute that happens we’re racists and we are picking on them.

    If its racist to protect yourself from a political ideology such as puslam then im guilty.

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