Charlie of Arabiya Performs Saudi Sword Dance


Prince Charles does the Al-Hokey-Pokey with the Saudi hoi polloi. (Sheik Kaputty?)

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Charles of Arabia: Crown prince performs Saudi sword dance

65-year-old Prince Charles was in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on Monday as part of his tenth tour of the country since his first visit in 1986. (Charles has never been to Israel.)

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A lot of people believe Charlie is a closet Muslim…… who likes to hang out with muselmanic killer zombies:

Muslim leader living in Britain sentenced to death by hanging for war crimes in Bangladesh


    Chowdury Mueen-Uddin, 63, found guilty of murdering nine university professors, three physicians and six journalists – including a BBC reporter

Former director of NHS Muslim Spiritual Care was a member of Islamic militia fighting against Bangladesh’s independence in December 1971

    Judge told court: ‘Justice will not be done without capital punishment’–

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      Daily Mail

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  1. I wonder why Charles expressed concern about Christians in the ME recently. Was that because he feels Islamic society is not complete without some Christians to extract the jizya from?

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