No Future For Sikhs in Afghanistan

Uncertain future for Afghanistan’s Sikhs

Sikh community says it might be forced to leave country amid increased marginalisation.

Al Jizz inadvertently admits that coexistence with Islam is impossible. Once the Muslims have the upper hand, the minorities are being wiped out, systematically. Its almost a miracle that the Sikhs were allowed to live among the muslims for that long. Did not Allah show them the error of their ways?

Islam is the main religion in Afghanistan and has been for centuries.

The Asian country is also home to people of other faiths, including Sikhism.

But the last of the country’s Sikh community is saying it is suffering increased marginalisation.

Some say, if the discrimination continues, they will leave.

Al Jazeera’s Jane Ferguson reports from the capital, Kabul.

3 thoughts on “No Future For Sikhs in Afghanistan”

  1. I think you may find that Buddhism was a major religion of Afghanistan until the MoHamadan filth from neighbouring Pakistan assaulted it.

    Andrew Bolt showed a couple of years ago a long lost Afghanistan from the mid 50’s that was a hub for science, learning and progressiveness, that was when the nation was Buddhistt. Funny how that whatever the dirty rotten finger of Islam touches turns to decay.

  2. Hindus and Sikhs were never tolerated in Afghanistan. Not once Muslim had killed most non-Muslims.

    Jane Ferguson is inventing a fictional past that never was.

  3. Jane Ferguson

    Where is the evidence for Afghanistan tolerant past?

    You just said yet because it sounds nice.

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