Imran Khan, that handsome mug….

Plausible Dangerous Imran Khan, Apologist For The Taliban


By Hugh Fitzgerald

Taliban are misunderstood, and deliberately so by a corrupt and unpatriotic ruling class that is beholden to self-interest and outside powers.

See how that works?

It mainstreams hate, bigotry and xenophobia without ever sounding hateful, bigoted or xenophobic. It’s all couched in the language of understanding and pain and transferring blame.

And boy, has it sold. That handsome mug, those plaintive eyes, that soft, colloquial Urdu, those open hands — an irresistible package hawking irresistible simplicities.

The problem with Khan, the problem for all of us, is as simple as it’s ugly: he’s mainstreamed extremism.Islam. And Pakistan is all about Islam, it was founded on it. (Read it all)

Pakistan’s Walk towards Sharia


Meer Khan, published by ICLA, makes it sound as if that was something new. It isn’t.

Religion is not meant to be – and never was – forced upon an individual against his or her own will.

If that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have Islam and 1.5 billion of its adherents terrify the world. The writer inadvertently reveals the gradualism by which Islam chokes and brutalises any society until it becomes totally unliveable. He also tells us this:

 ….after the implementation of the Sharia demand by Taliban, there will be no place for minorities in Pakistan. Even the Modern Muslim will be in great trouble.

“The modern Muslim” is as rare as the “moderate” who believes he can be Muslim without having Islam and the sharia rule every move he makes. These people are delusional.