Mark Steyn: Hath Not a Jew Eyes?

Paris 2012: Jewish parents and teachers try to determine whether it’s safe for pupils to leave the school on the day four Jews are killed in Toulouse by one of Abe Foxman’s “anti-government, anti-immigration, neo-Nazi nationalists” – or, as his friends call him, Mohammed.

2 thoughts on “Mark Steyn: Hath Not a Jew Eyes?”

  1. A frightening situation for the Jewish people to be hated merely for being Jewish! It’s a deep, pathological hatred held by nature’s Freaks-muslims-and other evil Monsters.

    Good people everywhere must publicly announce their support for Jews, and denounce the vile persecution suffered by them. Stand with the Jews, and fight their oppressors with all available means. Show no merci, because none is received!

  2. @David,

    As an descendent of the untermenschen, I will always stand with the Jews and the knowledge, civility and civilization that they represent. We’ve stood with the Jews at the gates of hell and we’ll stand with them on the road to the future.

    Foxman and other similar Jews are about 70 years too late in fighting the Nazis. Guilt? Shame in being so collectively passive? One wonders?

    Yet, such pure evil and hatred has reared its ugly head again and still…STILL too many Jews are willfully blind to the dangerous threat Muslims pose to them and Europeans. All these protective measures that European Jews have put in place in their schools and synagogue have all been recent.

    Seriously, how many examples do the Jews need to recognize a legitimate threat?

    But, ultimately, they will be forced to choose. As war is coming to Europe.

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