Misconception Dispelled?

Misconception Q & A 

James has a question to the imam:

I am a Christian, and I have learned the true teachings of Islam, and it has made me sick inside. I hate Islam and Muslims are lost cases that have been brainwashed, may the lord Jesus Christ help you…  The answer was kindly provided by Brother Maan Khalife, a member of Ask About Islam Editorial Staff.

Kenyan Muslims are reeling and rocking

NAIROBI – Muslims in Kenya are still reeling in outrage and shock following a bloody and brazen attack on a major mosque in the coastal city of Mombasa by riot police that left several people dead, saying that attacking a house of worship was totally unacceptable.  (A mosque is not just “a house of worship”)

Not enough jiziya: Bosnian Muslims riot

The country of 4.5 million has since been largely dependent on foreign aid.

Veiled woman won’t have picture taken for passport

There has been outrage at suggestions that a Muslim woman refused to have a picture taken for her passport.

veil 2

But the real problem is the Catholic church opposing homo marriage and abortion, right?

‘Diversity’- Indonesia has all kinds of laws, but sharia must rule ‘without exception’

The government of Indonesia’s Aceh province has approved a new law obliging every citizen to follow the sharia Islamic legal code regardless of their religion.

Non-Muslim violators of Indonesia’s national ciminal code (KUHP) will be given the option to choose between a sharia court or a regular court – but both courts will adhere to islamic legislation.  “If the violation committed by a non-Muslim is not regulated in the KUHP then the violator will automatically be tried in a sharia court, without exception” Saleh continued.


Homo Marriage and Special Rights For LGBT in the Name of “Equality”


Despite concerns, a majority of MEPs bought into the illusion that a report asking for special legal protection for just one social group would advance equality in Europe.

While the Lunacek vote is a disappointment for many in Europe, it has revealed something very important: that the time of unaccountable special interest politics—in which some MEPs promote their narrow personal interests rather than the common good—are over.

Citizens are called to the ballot boxes on the 25th of May. Although yesterday’s approval of the Lunacek Report was a temporary success for promoters of the LGBTI agenda, citizens now have one more criterion to decide how to vote.

Bruno Gollnisch, a member of the Front National and a deputy in the EU Parliament since 1989, writes:

Disguised as non-discrimination, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 establish as new European values male homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transsexuality, etc… Paragraph 4 pinpoints the stages of a totalitarian process:

– Mobilization to this end of all agencies paid for by European taxpayers

– Propaganda directed at the youth enrolled in schools

– Imposition of homosexual marriage on all member States

– Freedom to promote homosexuality, “gay pride” and others.

– Criminalization of any criticism labeled as “hate speech”

– Political asylum for non-European LGBTI’s.

Gollnisch adds that at the last minute, the French deputies of the UMP (Sarkozy’s party), overwhelmed by the e-mails they received, voted against Lunacek.

Note that this means they would have voted for it had they not received so many angry messages.