"Overwhelmed" Banglatrashi Groper Appeals to Bleeding Hearts

A Bangladeshi asylum seeker has been sentenced to at least 15 months in jail for stalking and indecently assaulting a blind woman on a Sydney train.

Rubel Sheikh, 26, followed the 23-year-old woman to Ashfield station in July last year before boarding a train with her.

Sheikh had come to Australia by boat in April last year after his life was threatened in his homeland.  —He had become isolated, lonely and depressed after making the journey, and had been “overwhelmed” when he assaulted the young woman.

Georgetown University Promotes the Muslim Brotherhood Yet Again

Egyptians are “literally split in half” on President Mohammed Morsi‘s 2013 downfall, former Obama Administration adviser Dahlia Mogahed stated recently in citing polling data at Georgetown University.  Yet the pro-Muslim Brotherhood (MB) bias of the January 29, 2014, conference at which Mogahed spoke did little justice to the “deep division” facing Egypt, notwithstanding her calls for “pluralism” to overcome the country’s “huge polarisation.” (What a swamp)

Who Are The Women Fighting In Syria?

by ABIGAIL R. ESMAN February 20, 2014

For years she was a mother of 10 young children, keeping a good, Muslim home. Now she’s a rebel commander with a gun, fighting, she says, for her honor and her religion. Her children battle at her side.

Speaking in an on-camera interview with journalist Tracey Shelton, the 43-year-old muqatila, as such women soldiers are known, calls on others to join in her battle against Bashar Assad, and in the founding of a Syrian Islamic state. And though her all-female battalion numbers only 15 troops, she is by no means alone.

The role of women in the three-year-old Syrian conflict is complex and often confusing, but one thing is abundantly clear: women have become one of the strongest weapons in the war, used as much by the regime as by most of the countless rebel groups.


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  1. @ kaw: no such chance – muslim scum are the the majority in French jails and run them. Their “patron Saint” Christine Taubira, is the MINISTER FOR JUSTICE in France – she is a rabid anti-white racist and hates France.

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