Sergio's Latest Mural Attacked For the Third Time…

Which must bring the numbers of attacks to around 80…

Just goes to show that Muselmaniacs and their leftist enablers go to any length to shut down dissent to their agenda.

Here it is when it looks like it should:


2 thoughts on “Sergio's Latest Mural Attacked For the Third Time…”

  1. Australian Politicians have YET TO STOP Islam-muslim immigration and DEPORT ALL Islam-muslim from Australia ….
    – any half asleep non-muslim can see what the reality of Islam in Australia is.

    Australias Politicians ….
    – Islam-muslim Politicians (how did they get elected?) non-muslim Politicians and Assister/Enabler (Dhimmi) Politicians (again – how did THEY get elected?)
    – are no longer responding to non-muslims concerns about Islam in Australia – since the election.
    – WHY IS THIS SO ?

    The type of behaviour of the Islam-muslim tolerated (by the politicals and upsetting more and more non-muslims) in Australia (and other non-Islam countries) IS NOT ALLOWED FROM a non-muslim IN ANY ISLAMIC COUNTRY (The Islam-muslim KILL the non-muslim for anything – mostly for being a non-muslim – but any reason does!)
    – so why is Islam-muslim immigration, Mosque building, Halal Certification (An Islamic Tax on non-muslim paid for by ALL Australians – But particularly aimed at non-muslim), Islam-muslim Aggression, Islam-muslim Rapist and Islam-muslim “Group Hissy Fits” allowed in Australia (and other non-Islam countries).

    If The Islam Problem is not ACKNOWLEDGED STOPPED and DEPORTED real soon ….
    – your heirs will not be happy (and/or probably NOT even alive – not as non-muslims anyway)
    – do you want to do that to youself and yours.

    Re-Create the Beautiful Australia with ….
    NO ISLAM +
    NO ISLAM-muslim +

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