Shorten: white man's law no good for black fellas…

Beavis Butthead:  whenever he opens his mouth you wanna put your shoe in it

Shorten: insulting to tell Aborigines “obey the law” (Bolt)

What dangerous message is Shorten sending?

BILL SHORTEN, OPPOSITION LEADER: Aboriginal people deserve more respect than being told it’s as simple as “obey the law”. One size does not fit all.

In other news:

Tim Blair tells us that there are declining numbers for the workers’ friend:  BILLY DOWN


Afghani asylum shopper Mohammed Salem Nazari pleads guilty to two charges of indecent assault of seven teenage girls

AN asylum seeker who “traumatised” seven teenage girls by indecently groping them in the Sydney Olympic Park pool had only been in Australia for six months, a court has heard.

“We don’t want whitey in this neighbourhood”

Black neighborhood rejects Trader Joe’s…seriously!

Trader Joe’s can’t open a store in a black Portland neighborhood. Imagine how many white folks’ lives they saved!

Liberal blacks in Portland, OR, don’t want a Trader Joe’s making their neighborhood more desirable. These same blacks complained that a Trader Joe’s would bring too many white people to the hood.

Do I  really need to ask what would happen if a group of whites didn’t want a business that brought lots of black people to their neighborhoods? And those hypothetical white people would have hard, cold statistics on their side.

I’m not saying whites are better than blacks. But what I am saying is given the choice of having my home in a black neighborhood vs a white neighborhood, I choose the white neighborhood. At least if I want to sell my house for a profit.

While most communities welcome opportunities that will drive up home prices, black Liberals in Portland (and everywhere else) seem to love the PayDay loans stores, bail bondsmen, liquor stores, and run-down bodegas.

Trader Joe’s sent the city a letter that read:

“Trader Joe’s remains opposed to any development in N/NE Portland that does not primarily benefit the Black community…a store development would increase the desirability of the neighborhood” essentially for white folks.

So much for Obama’s “Promise Zones.”


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  1. Re: Trader Joes

    Whats the matter? TJ refused to pay a kickback to the activist in the neighbourhood?

    So much for good affordable food.

    Now we know why there are food deserts in mostly black areas.

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