Spokesturd For Calgary Muslim Council Offended by People Using OBL Image For Target Practice

Which is clear evidence that Muselmaniacs worship OBL, literally. For them, he is a great ‘martyr’ of Islam.

Michael Coren – Muslim Council of Calgary objects to Bin Laden target



 Harun Yahya Rubs It

More than 500 mosques had been attacked in the US in the past 10 years and more than 100 in Holland in the past five. One hundred and twenty attacks per year take place in Germany. (There is no evidence for this claim, whatsoever. But what can you expect from a guy who used to be locked up in a lunatic asylum?)

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Young Koranimals Harass Jews, in Jerusalem

Just one telling example of  Muslim behavior toward Jews — in what I take it is Israel itself — when those Jews appear to be defenseless, because there’s neither the army, nor police, nor anyone else around to help. The victims here — oh, they’re not killed, they’re not tortured, they’re just assaulted by snowballs and catcalls and taunts and suchlike, but the cruelty and the hate are real, and the hate could turn murderous, the viewer may share my belief, in a minute, and if there were not some awareness that they would be caught, it well might.

This is the kind of thing that happens, and no doubt much worse, to Christians and Hindus and Sikhs (and Ahmadis too) in Pakistan,and to a lesser extent in Bangladesh, happens indeed to non-Muslims of all kinds wherever Muslims think or know they are in control. And that includes every country in Europe, where those whom the Muslims deem Infidels already feel, in many areas of major cities, distinctly uncomfortable and afraid.


8 thoughts on “Spokesturd For Calgary Muslim Council Offended by People Using OBL Image For Target Practice”

  1. I’m also offended that they’re using OBL for target practice. I mean, why stop at target practice?! Personally, I think they should also be using images of him in the bottom of bird cages, septic tanks, the inner linings of baby diapers and toilet paper.

  2. Regarding the videos … Obviously, we’ve opened the cages to the zoos, the chimps have escaped and they’re running free.

    Learn to protect yourselves and prevail in armed and unarmed combat.

  3. The liberal Quisling scum at the Ottawa Ciutizen newspaper (Monday, February 10, 2014, P.#A3) put it like this:

    Group criticizes MP over zombie Osama target

    Shooting gallery posted images of bearded MEN in turbans AND zombies

    Well, NO, actually, liberal traitors. As your own article points out, there was ONE bearded man in a turban posted, and that was “zombie Bin laden” itself; there were NOT multiple “images of bearded men in turbans” “and zombies” at all!

    But the libs just couldn’t leave it alone:

    “When pressed to recall the bin Laden target, which was plainly visible behind him in the photo, Anders said, “I’m sure it was there if you say it was there but, you know, there were a lot of them.””

    “When reached a second time to respond to Merhi’s claims, Anders declined to comment and hung up his phone.”

    “Mathieson said she had joined “law-abiding firearms owners for a friendly afternoon of target shooting” at the southeast Calgary range on Feb. 2, but she did not address the bin Laden target in a written statement to the Calgary Herald.”

    In other words, the libs were pissed because their “gotcha!” games approach just couldn’t induce the politicians to “admit” they are racists!

    (Hey libs – what ‘race’ is islam, again?)

    “When contacted again to comment on Merhi’s allegations that the bin Laden image promotes hatred, Mathieson said she was busy campaigning and referred a reporter to her earlier statement.”

    So they quickly went after someone else, on behalf of the muslims:

    “Don Brown, vice-president of the association that owns the shooting range, said his group does not supply its members with targets. But he said he had no problem with the bin Laden image, given that it depicts a “cold-blooded killer.””

    In the full article, you can clearly see Anders was shooting at a generic white-bread office-worker zombie, here:


  4. Zombies, mahometans… both blood thirsty and out to “convert you”.
    At least the zombies don’t take slaves.

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