Stoned POTUS Ignored by Palace Eunuchs

Stoned POTUS Ignored by Palace Eunuchs. Must have had a visit from the Choom Gang:

Media Avoids Commenting on Stoned Appearance of Obama in Olympics Interview


Deadly religious violence rocks Central African Republic

At least nine killed as mobs target Bangui’s Muslims and properties owned by them despite presence of foreign troops.
New violence and looting in the Central African Republic’s capital, Bangui, has left at least nine people dead, including two more lynchings of minority Muslims.


The latest assaults in the former French colony included mob attacks and an assassination attempt targeting the former justice minister.

Fighting broke out on Saturday evening between Christian vigilantes and Muslims in the west of Bangui where many buildings were torched, witnesses and humanitarian officials told AFP news agency.

Philippine marines kill Abu Sayyaf fighters

Troops and local village allies launch assault, killing six rebels and capturing one of their jungle bases.


German chancellor criticises Victoria Nuland’s disparaging comments in leaked phone call about ignoring EU over Ukraine.