The ABC covers the whole political spectrum!

Delightful short letter to the editor in today’s Australian:

“How unfair that so many should accuse the ABC of political bias. The ABC successfully covers the full political spectrum: from the neo-Stalinist Green Left, clean through the ALP and right out the other side, all the way to Malcolm Turnbull.” – Tim Fatchen, Mount Barker, SA (thanks to David)


David Johnston goes overboard with ABC criticism –– that ABC  pond scum and their leftarded sycophants need to be put out of business. The sooner the better.

Defence Minister David Johnston is at war. With the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which, he declares, has been responsible for ”maliciously maligning his unimpeachable (?) navy sailors. (No bias to see here. Tony Wright from the Moonbat Herald doesn’t think its our navy. Its “his” navy. Idiot!)

Circling the wagons: leftist pond scum defends ABC  treachery

Claims of ill-treatment of asylum seekers by Australian navy personnel has led to another round of ABC bashing. (Jonathan Holmes implies the government is patching it up and the Somali welfare seekers did in fact have a case)


But hey, even the ABC  kaputniks have a fighter:

Ranters against ABC underestimate its ability to fight back

You show ’em, Keith!

Sarah is not amused. Not at all:


Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has quietly reintroduced a ”backdoor” alternative visa arrangement to the controversial temporary protection visa, meaning asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat or plane without valid visas will never get permanent residency.

Scott Morrison reintroduces temporary visas for asylum seekers

Sarah For Sale:

Any Muslim in the market for a voluptuous sex slave? I’ll ship her FOB to the ME for the price of meat!

It will also retrospectively apply to the 20,000 asylum seekers who have arrived by boat and are waiting on bridging visas.

Amjad Hussain, a Pakistani journalist who fled Quetta in 2012 and arrived in Australia by boat in the same year, was told on Thursday that he would not be granted permanent protection, instead he would be given a temporary visa.

”I was shocked that I was not granted a protection visa,” he said. ”This is a huge blow. It was a shock to me but also to my wife and my kids.”

Greens Senator and immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said the move was a ”sinister subverting of the legal and parliamentary process from a shifty government”.


Meanwhile, from the it so did happen branch of Australia’s left:

“It’s time for an Australian investigation into this incident,” the party’s Immigration spokeswoman Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told reporters in Adelaide.

“It is the government’s obsession with secrecy that is tarnishing the navy’s reputation,” she claimed.

“It falls squarely at the feet of Tony Abbott and his Minister.”

Sarah Hanson-Young is the ideal person to lead that investigation. (Tim Blair)

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  1. Public broadcasting commie prop should be paid for by those it plays too, and receive a greatly reduced level of taxpayer support.

    Those who want to pay for “our” ABC should be able to do so, those who feel that it is no longer “ours” should not be obliged to.

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