The Fuggly Face of Eurabia

TheFuggly Face of the Coming EUrabia

Europe has found an efficient way of fighting anti-Semitism – completely ignoring its existence, Eldad Beck claims
ashton128125In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day which took place last week, Catherine Ashton, the high representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the EU, issued a short statement which included only two paragraphs and 120 words in English. Two words were missing from Ashton’s laconic statement: Jews and anti-Semitism.

The losers dictate the terms of Israel’s surrender

“Palestinian president” says in New York Times interview that IDF can stay for five years in West Bank instead of three, recognizing Jewish State ‘is out of the question’

Turkish warships intercept Norwegian vessel near Cyprus

Turkish warships in the eastern Mediterranean were briefly engaged in a stand-off with a Norwegian seismic vessel that had entered into its waters near the island of Cyprus.


Syria air raids kill scores in Aleppo: report

 Third day of barrel bomb attacks on city takes death toll to nearly 150 as regime continues air campaign.

Stupid Move

Israel offers $20m compensation to Mavi Marmara flotilla raid victims

Baruch Dayan HaEmet (May the True Judge Be Blessed)

Professor Barry Rubin, who was an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge for just about anyone who wrote a pro-Israel blog, passed away this morning. He was 64.

His Facebook page carried this message:

To our great sadness, Barry Rubin passed away this morning. He was surrounded by his wife and children. Your love, support, and prayers have been greatly appreciated. There will be shiva and a funeral, details to follow soon.

Barry Rubin’s was a rare voices of clarity in the Israeli academia and in Jewish media. He was one of the good guys. (Israel Matzav)

Obama’s hatchet man, John Kerry, responds with threats to …. Israel.

But Erakat’s ancestors crawled out of the Arabian desert:

erekat liar

Erekat was born in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem.  The Elder found an interview with another Erekat who was born in Abu Dis, named Hussein Mohamed Erekat. He says that his family actually comes from theHuwaitat region of the northwestern Arabian Peninsula.  Erekat’s latest lie: “My family was in Palestine for 9000 years”. They are really from Arabia.

4 thoughts on “The Fuggly Face of Eurabia”

  1. The EU, the UN, the IOC, the OIC are literally destroying Western Civilization. Yes, the IOC is also one of those sickening Islamopandering organizations.

  2. It’s a world gone mad when bureaucrat scum from organizations such as the EU, IOC, OIC and the UN are running the world. Now, instead of having the elected law of sovereign nations, we’ll have the pathological whims of Walter Mitty running the world. The EU is rapidly destroying Europe. The IOC is turning the Olympics into nothing but an Islamic showcase/nightmare. The UN is nothing but one huge Islamopandering circle jerk and the OIC is, well, we all know what the OIC is.

    1. The Golden Rule is those who have the gold rule. Arab money is perverting everything.The irony is that we are (literally) paying for their jihad.

  3. A rich cult is always more dangerous than a poor cult.
    When their oil money run out, they would be less dangerous.

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