No Bias to See: Q&A Leftard Tony Jones asks his panel tonight to discuss whether the ABC really is biased….

And,  as usual, the audience is stacked  and the panelists are stuffed:

Is the ABC really biased, Tony Jones asks his four panellists of the Left

So far, then, five people of the Left, including Jones, and speaking to the loud cheers of a very vocally Left audience.  Against all that are just Murdoch journalist Nick Cater and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Two against five. But that’s not the only reason this pack is disgraceful.

Keep the laughs coming, ABC. Your journalism sucks, but the comedy is excellent.

(Tim Blair)

The ABC’s propaganda war against the Royal Australian Navy is a shameful waste of public funds in pursuit of a dishonest and destructive agenda.

But let’s look on the bright side. It’s also the funniest ABC production for decades.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service CEO Mike Pezzullo – earlier seen coping with Sea Patrol Sarah – delivers the quote of the year: DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT Q & A

Sarah’s confusion explained:

As a kid my dad always had ABC radio on in our house.

Settled science from the ABC

Totally befuddled with a climate shyster who doesn’t know the first thing about the science:

Instead, we get drivel like this:

“Climate deniers  don’t ask legitimate questions….” 

Environmentalist David Suzuki talks to Jane Hutcheon about the things that motivate his life on this planet. (ABC of course)