The Left Celebrates. Diversity. But Not Yours.

How the Left celebrates all diversity but yours  (Andrew Bolt)

 With Abbott the “compassionate” Left bares its fangs. Believe it or not, but “F… Abbott” T-shirts were actually produced by an Age columnist and promoted by the newspaper itself.

Another Day, Another Mosque

TENSIONS ran high tonight as a northern suburbs council gave the go-ahead for a mosque to be built next door to a Christian church.

About 1000 locals, many of them members of the church, flocked to the Hume City Council in Broadmeadows to voice their objections at the council decision from about 7pm. (Herald Sun)


AN anti-Islamic group is mobilising against Ballarat’s first mosque.

Restore Australia, which describes Islam on its website as a “aggressive totalitarian political ideology”, plans to letterbox people in Ballarat to “mobilise people to write to the council” to oppose the building of a mosque at 116 Elsworth Street East in Ballarat.– Read more: Islam is incompatible with the Australian way of life.


One thought on “The Left Celebrates. Diversity. But Not Yours.”

  1. Enforcing tolerance of your narrow version of diversity is neither diverse nor tolerant – it’s intolerant conformity!

    “Diversity” is just the flip(pant) side of the liberals’ immoral relativism:
    it means: “It’s all the same; Evil isnt’ evil because we all do it, too! Whee!” and of course when you believe in Nothing (“diversity”) you’ll fall for anything!

    ‘Teaching’ (abusing) kids that “There’s no wrong answers!” is a crime – and it’s treason to rationality and civilization! All facts are NOT “only opinions!”

    And to pretend they are, is only the criminals’ alibi excuse: that your stuff isn’t necessarily yours!


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