The vomit they spew

As reports emerged on Thursday of another turn back of an asylum seeker boat,  Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Mr Natalegawa indicated the policy was deepening tensions between the Indonesian and Australian governments.

20110325045827marty-natalegawaI suspect the unshaven look is supposed to make him look macho, or something…..

”This kind of policy of transferring people from one boat to another and then directing them back to Indonesia is not really helpful,” Mr Natalegawa told the ABC.   As usual, our kneepad wearing journaillie never bothered to ask why we should be helping Indonesia to dump Mohammedan asylum fraudsters on us.

Sarah Hanson Young:

”People are still fleeing war and persecution, they’re desperate for safety and they continue to come.’–Petulant child senator Sarah Hanson Young on Mohammedan welfare seekers trying to enter Australia illegally.


Let another 1000 drown, shall we, Sarah?

Greens child-Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in 2011 when another 200 boat people are lured to their deaths by Labor policies:

Pressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said: “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

Just for the the record: here is the Jew-hatin’,  terrorist supportin’,  BDS advocating  SHY  calling for the genocide of Israel and the Jews:

jew-hating-marxist-jihadist-pal-rally-sarah-hanson-youngSydney Moonbat Wanker Michael Gordon:

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