"Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

Jacqueline Maley,  a “grub” and a “disgrace”– (Alan Jones)

When an unelected, incompetent Labor-Green joke of a government causes accidents that kill a thousand,  its a tragedy that  just happens. Theirs are ‘moral ‘ tragedies. When it happens under an adult government which was elected to stop the boats, one dead  Muslim rioter” is worse”. Leftoids are as moral as the Bolshies under Stalin.

Fairfax writer: one death under Abbott worse than 1000 under Labor

Andrew Bolt


Jacqueline Maley of the Sydney Morning Herald says it’s morally worse that one boat people died under the Abbott Government’s policies than that more than 1000 died under Labor’s:

The people who were drowning off those boats, off Christmas Island and so forth, which was horrendous and awful and nobody wanted to see, they were doing that sort of on their own watch, if you like.

This is a person who’s died and the 77 of so people who’ve been injured, they were under our care… That’s a strong moral difference to me.

Maley’s argument – and selective indignation – is not that much more sophisticated than that of Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:

Greens child-Senator Sarah Hanson-Young in 2011 when another 200 boat people are lured to their deaths by Labor policies:

1900145_588444254579251_868694980_nPressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said: “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

Greens child-Senator Sarah Hanson-Young today after learning our navy accidentally entered Indonesian waters in safely returning dozens of boat people to Indonesia in line with Liberal policies:

The minister is begging for forgiveness while carrying on with a policy that was always going to lead to this type of disaster.

Maley’s argument relies on Labor being able to wash its hands of the utterly predictable – even inevitable – consequences of a policy to weaken our border laws. She believes Labor holds no moral responsibility for luring more than 1000 people to their deaths, any more than, I guess, a gun shop owner bears moral responsibility for the consequences of selling machineguns to bikies or a chemist for selling 20 packets of Pentobarbital to a weeping widow. She believes Labor cannot be blamed for deaths that it was warned would occur under its policy, was warned was occurring under its policy, and which it finally concededhad occurred as a consequence of its policy.

I don’t think that argument washes, particularly when the man who died at Manus Island this week also seems to have been killed in a wild brawl instigated by the detainees themselves and finished by PNG police. And especially not when we are comparing just one death to more than 1000.

 Good News:

The queue in Indonesia is shrinking

Andrew Bolt

The message is getting out:

Monthly applications for asylum-seeker registration handled by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Jakarta — overwhelmingly the busiest in Indonesia — dropped 71 per cent between February 2013 and last month.

The monthly totals of asylum-seekers newly registered throughout Indonesia fell almost 44 per cent in that time to 434 people in January.

Some way to go, though.


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