UK Judiciary Loses Out to Burqa Sophistry

Douglas Murray:

SHOULD any of us be unfortunate enough to be called to appear in front of a court any time soon we can at least take some comfort. We may no longer have to show our face.

That isn’t to say we won’t be obliged to turn up. For the time being at least that will probably remain necessary. But we will not need to actually show our face. For a great precedent has now been set. Earlier this week fanatical Muslim convert Rebekah Dawson made legal history in this country. Up in court on charges of witness intimidation Dawson – who wears the full Islamic face covering – simply refused to show her face.

Allright, we’ll show you:

article-2548936-1AEC619B00000578-252_306x423Did you really wanna see that? For some people, the burqa/niqab is a blessing. Trouble is, they’re out to force it on you.

The barrister’s defence was that her client’s “right” to do this was protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. Did those learned, if misguided, minds who put together that ill-fated convention ever imagine this was where their legal system would end up?

Unveiled, face of the woman who refused to remove her niqab in court as she dramatically pleads guilty to witness intimidation

  • Rebekah Dawson refused to give evidence during a trial with after being ordered by the judge to remove her veil if she went into the witness box
  • Claimed her religion prevented her removing veil in the presence of men
  • Dawson had denied intimidating witness mosque security guard
  • Changed her plea to guilty after a jury of six men and six women failed to reach a verdict against her and her brother

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“Naked Women” in the mosque

Burqa Thug: “Why Are You Inviting Naked Women in the Mosque?”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 31, 2014 In The Point

This is a fairly typical story about the intersection of non-Muslim broken families and aggressive Muslim missionary activity. Unfortunately American inner cities are ripe targets for the same treatment once there is a critical mass of Muslim settlers living in them.

The Muslim convert – who threatened a caretaker because he let tourists into a mosque with their heads uncovered – hails from a devoutly Christian family and started wearing the veil only as recently as 2012 after being radicalised by a ‘Muslim vigilante’.

Pictures taken six years ago show her as a carefree teenager enjoying listening to music and dancing with her relatives. But just a few years later, she shocked family members by turning up at the funeral of her grandmother Delcie Dawson wearing a burka.

Her great uncle, Gilbert Bell, said her Jamaican-born grandmother worked as a nurse at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and raised her family as strict Christians

Mr Bell’s wife Dorothy said: ‘I’m horrified and angry that a woman wants to put on an Islamic veil. That is like going backwards in women’s rights. I really can’t understand it at all.’

Brought up in a broken and violent household, Dawson had a chaotic childhood that may give an insight into her rejection of Western values.

Born in South London in 1991, the jobless Muslim fanatic is the fifth of six children. Her father, Christopher, 54, was released from prison last year after serving a five-year sentence for trying to smuggle £100,000 worth of cannabis into the UK from Ethiopia.

This week, Blackfriars Crown Court heard how Dawson had recruited her brother Matthias to help her frighten a caretaker at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London because he had let three Portuguese charity workers into the building on June 4 last year.

She confronted caretaker Daudi Yusuf, saying: ‘Why are you inviting naked women in the mosque?’

A fight broke out after her husband Royal Barnes, 23, intervened. Terrified, Mr Yusuf reported him to the police.

Two weeks later, Dawson returned to the mosque – where hate preacher Abu Hamza famously disseminated his poisonous beliefs – accompanied by her brother to challenge Mr Yusuf. She asked him: ‘Why did you tell the police my husband is threatening to kill you?’

This led to her trial for witness intimidation, during which she was allowed to wear her veil – to the fury of open justice campaigners.

Judge Peter Murphy insisted she remove her niqab to give her evidence.

Revealingly, the problem is religion, not race. Muslim converts are often nastier and more violent than those born Muslims because they are more religious.

Dawson attacked an actual Muslim who worked as a caretaker at a mosque because he didn’t live up to her standards. This also holds true for secularized Muslims like the Tsarnaevs who revert violently to their religion.

Radicalization is a misnomer. The proper term is religiosity. Dawson and the Tsarnaevs became religion. Many Muslims are either secular or passively religion, rather than actively religious.

Radicalization is really active religiosity as opposed to secularism or religious apathy.

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