"Ungrateful infidels"


That’s the spirit:

Kenya: Muslim advisor gives advice:

Abubakar Shariff AhmedHis advice is that, if Islam is under attack, which he says it is, then it is every Muslim’s duty to wage jihad. (thanks to BCF)

After the interview we sat together on the roof where the breeze had picked up and the air was beginning to cool. “Let me invite you to Islam,” he said, breaking once more into that charming smile.  (Further down in the interview BBC journo Gabriel Gatehouse reveals that he is  totally clueless  that music is “haram”,  un-Islamic. But what can you expect from a BBC journo these days?)

Kerry’s Priorities


Califorinia Drought Is Not About ‘Climate Change’ – It’s About Failed Liberal Policy

Malaysia’s big problem: “ungrateful infidels”

KUALA LUMPUR: Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) has blamed “ungrateful infidels” for spiralling religious tensions in the country. Isma said that those who do not believe in “Allah” have started to undermine the position of Islam as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

“What Normal Muslims Think….”  (Pamela Geller)

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 1.43.19 PMIn this video, a large Muslim audience is asked if the punitive sharia is radical or extreme, and whether such views are held by all Muslims or just “radicals.”

This Muslim cleric and his large audience confirm everything I have said. It is not radical or extreme, it is Islam.

This is from Europe– is it any wonder that Robert Spencer and I were prohibited from entering and speaking? Thanks to Sardar Rajesh Merwah for sending this.

Watch this video.

What Normal Muslims Think — And what the West Fails to Understand

Useful idiot of  the Central African Republic:

He didn’t mention anything about this ‘barrel of fun’

Muslim group threw 13 people into disused fuel tank and left them to die

As far as the mainstream media is concerned, Christians in the Central African Republic are gratuitously targeting innocent Muslims. This story, however, will get little play. And they never mention how Muslims murdered 1,000 Christians over a two-day period. Or how 450,000 Christians fled their homes in the face of Muslim attacks. All that is […] Continue Reading »