Wally rubs it: detention causes riots and creates horror

ABC host Waleed Aly: 

It is the very logic of our asylum seeker policy – which is built on the sole rationality of deterrence – to create horror.



What hyperbole. No, the very logic of our asylum seeker policy is in fact just a shut gate.  The detention centres when operating normally are not scenes of “horror” – not like scenes of drowning children under Labor’s policies. They are just places where boat people realise they can’t get to Australia.

It is, in fact, perfectly possible to run a detention centre humanely.

Aly continues:

Put any group of people through this wringer, and they will eventually respond with riotous protest. Such behaviour, then, is not a function of the defective personalities of individuals, but the inevitable human reaction to inhuman treatment: that the violence we’ve witnessed over and over is simply a product of the system.

I suspect such violence is also a product of the culture of the asylum seekers, and many Australians would doubt the wisdom of importing it.

The fanatical frenzy so often witnessed by Mohammedans is indeed not caused by “defective personalities of individuals”, but by inbred collective insanity. It appears that Wally is also afflicted with it.

More hysterical BS from the Greens:

If the guard was ours, so is the responsibility. But…

Andrew Bolt

If true, our responsibility and action is needed against those responsible:


Muslim soldiers arrive at the local hospital just before a Fairfax photographer was detained and their camera taken

AS BLAME is exchanged on the Manus Island detention centre bloodbath, it has been claimed that the Iranian asylum seeker killed on Monday night may have been murdered by out-of-control guards who stomped his skull as he lay defenceless on the ground.

According to an account from an Australian guard working for security contractor GS4, obtained by New Corp, local guards working for GS4 were in a frenzy and jumped on the man’s head in a rage on Monday night, inside the detention compound…

Another man survived after his throat was apparently slit with a machete on Sunday evening, after he and six others apparently broke free from the compound.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has said he has no information about a throat being cut, but I’d like to know a lot more before I dismiss it. The dead man was earlier said to have been hit by a rock, an account I accepted but now doubt.

On the other hand:

Manus Island Member of Parliament Ron Knight said he believed that gun butts and batons had been used against rioting asylum-seekers by the notorious ‘’mobile squad’’, a paramilitary branch of the police who are the main law enforcers outside the camp.

Mr Knight said the blame for the violence lay primarily with the asylum seekers but said that their claims should be processed more quickly and the security infrastructure should be improved.


The Australian is wise to warn that the “horror” is being exaggerated by people with a political agenda:

VIEWERS of the ABC’s 7.30 on Wednesday witnessed an alarming story about the Manus Island detention centre riots. Reporter Conor Duffy promised viewers a “fresh” account of what went on “inside” the centre. He interviewed an Iranian-Australian interpreter, Azita Bokan, who worked for the Immigration Department and, according to Duffy, “was at the centre”. Ms Bokan said PNG locals employed by security guards attacked asylum-seekers with machetes, knives and rocks, leaving one detainee dead and scores of others injured… Yesterday, The Sydney Morning Herald published its own interview with Ms Bokan on the front page of the newspaper. It could have been a great story. The problem was that the reporting, based on Ms Bokan’s allegations, was seriously flawed.

Ms Bokan did not witness the riots. She was not even inside the facility. Her claims, breezily reported with authority by both the ABC and Fairfax, were not verified by the department or the minister, Scott Morrison. It was not until the sixth paragraph of the Fairfax article by Michael Gordon and Sarah Whyte that it was noted Ms Bokan “did not witness the violence”. This fact was not allowed to get in the way of the sensationalised allegations designed to support the barely disguised ABC/Fairfax agenda: relentless opposition to the government’s policies…. Ms Bokan was on Manus Island for only a week. Her claim that locals were involved in the riots was rejected by PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The real reason for running these unverified allegations is that the ABC and Fairfax detest the government’s hardline, but necessary, asylum-seeker policies. The Herald’s chief political correspondent, Mark Kenny, made the extraordinary claim that the policy of offshore processing at Manus Island without resettlement in Australia “has begun killing people”. Kenny described the policy as morally bankrupt and structurally flawed. On the ABC’s The Drum website, Fairfax journalist Jacqueline Maley argued there was “a strong moral difference” between the death of one person on Manus Island and the 1200 who drowned while trying to seek asylum in Australia. In other words, one death on the Coalition’s watch is worse, morally, than 1200 deaths on Labor’s watch. These arguments could not be more twisted in their logic or ignorant of the facts.

Along comes a shadow from the tomb:

Refugees have made a remarkable contribution to our country. There is no need to fear their arrival. Australia is a proudly multicultural nation, made stronger by the dedication and contribution of people who come here, whether as refugees or migrants.

Who said that?

The writer should be asked what kind of refugees made remarkable contributions to this country. If he knows of any Mohammedan contributions  he should not hold back and let us know which ones precisely.

9 thoughts on “Wally rubs it: detention causes riots and creates horror”

  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong Wall eyed (Wallyed). Horror happens when the ‘illegals’ threaten and try to manipulate Government staff and contractors into giving them permanent visas and move them immediately to the mainland. They (illegals) threaten with a timeline as to what will happen if the Government does not comply with their ‘demands’ then as you put it horror happens.

    I’ve seen what your lovely brethren do Wally (liar), I’ve seen the tactics they use to get what they want. How do you think so many have gotten to the mainland? By using the above tactics!

    I so wish the Abbott Government would dump this rubbish into the sea and be done with it. Just think everytime they (illegals) go on a bender burning and destroying property your tax $$’s go into replacing the trashed items. How does that make you feel now?

  2. Progressives like Waleed drive me nuts. John Howard & co had to go through all this crap before – the teeth-gnashing, lip-sewing & everything else & the problem was SOLVED! There was next to nobody in detention, because next to nobody was arriving illegally. Then, Waleed’s progressive buddies put the sugar back on the table & plunged us back in the crap again. Waleed, whatever is happening now is ALL YOUR FAULT! If you are unhappy about it, I DON’T CARE!

    1. “Progressives” are incurable Marxists. For Wally they are just useful idiots.

      Wally is a Mohammedan headbanger, a slave of allah, a soldier of Muhammad. His agenda has no use for those who assist him in the destruction of this nation.

      Abu Ala Maududi, the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, puts it this way in his book,Jihad in Islam:

      Muslim nations are very special because they have a command from Allah to rule the entire world and to be over every nation in the world. Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in better condition than another nation. Islam doesn’t care about land or who owns the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power in this world that tries to get in the way of that goal Islam will fight and destroy. In order for Islam to fulfill that goal, Islam can use every power available every way it can be used to bring worldwide revolution. This is jihad.”

      This truth is so disturbing to some non-Muslims that they are willing to do anything they can to deny it.

  3. More than disturbing Sheik, terrifying or horrifying would be more like it so they cover their eyes to avoid having to face what they have brought upon us and, mixing metaphors, dig an ever deepening hole rather than stop digging as that would be an admission of guilt. In a word: Fraser.

  4. “Wally is a Mohammedan headbanger, a slave of allah, a soldier of Muhammad. His agenda has no use for those who assist him in the destruction of this nation.”

    How accurate can you get!

    btw allah is capital A

    1. You can capitalise if you wish, Daniel. As a non Muslim I just don’t have the need for it.

  5. Australia’s favourite Busy Muslim Son Waleed when not advocating for open door policy for Middle Eastern and Islamic boat people, works at al’ Age as a Journalist , at Monash University lecturing on Terrorism and as a token Muslim representative on the very left wing Ten network Newsy program The Project…
    I just don’t get it perhaps someone can enlighten me. the majority of the illegal boat people come from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan , Somalia majority Islamic Countries. There are numerous Islamic very wealthy countries in their neighbourhood i.e Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia all of which have plenty of Jobs building their Palaces, as Servants , Oil Industry, and infrastructure most of these countries have plenty of land and most important share the same or similar culture, language and religion . Surely these boat people could be resettled in any or all of these Countries and live happily ever after.
    Of course if they wish to pay more money to their fellow Muslim Boat smugglers they could also settle in other Islamic countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia .
    Perhaps the Islamic countries should follow Israel’s policy where that country has a Policy that takes in all Jewish refugees no matter what no matter where from and Israel doe not have Massive Oil income has a tiny piece of land one third the size of Tasmania.

    1. Hijra (migration) in the way of allah is an obligation for every muslim. Once a mosque is established in the dar al-harb, behind enemy lines, there is no longer an excuse not to do da’awa, to call the unbelievers to Islam. The purpose of Islam is to establish Islam all over the world, to dominate, and to remove the disbelievers from power they hold over people. They are succeeding.

  6. Why should Wally be allowed to rub it in ????
    Why is Waleed Aly STILL FREE in Australia ?
    Why is Waleed Aly STILL being paid a lot of money (part of which is paid to his local Mosque and then used to finance Jihad) from Australian tax payers to promote Islam.

    Waleed Aly – KNOWS he is funding (really nasty) Terrorism.
    Waleed Aly – Freely Chooses to be a (really nasty) MUSLIM.
    Waleed Aly – Freely Chooses to be a TERRORIST.

    Islam is Islam AND a muslim is a muslim (ie a submitter is a submitter) ….
    • (There are no other type of Islam OR muslim!)
    • (All muslims use the same “Life” Instruction Manuals!)
    • (All muslims are controlled (if not willingly – then through fear – but still their choice) by their own Islam Police)

    Waleed AlyIS GUILTY OF TERRORISM TREASON AND SEDITION in his HOST Country and is required to pay the legal obligation to Australian Law!

    Waleed Aly – after he has served his legally applied incarceration for his acts of TERRORISM TREASON AND SEDITION – has to be DEPORTED and will then be again with his ciminal muslim gang previously deported from Australia (includes converts).
    And NOW would be good a time to start this muslim exodus!!!!

    So – why is wally still in these public positions of influence in Australia ?????
    This is NOT a good thing !!!!
    Among many in Australia (and other non-muslim Countries) I just do not understand why this KNOWN menace to the Human Race is allowed to fester by our Politicians.
    Oh – are they are MOSTLY Dhimmis ????

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