Work Accident (no virgins?)

Work accident!

Ma’an reports: (thanks to Elder of Ziyon)

A member of the Islamic Jihad’s armed movement al-Quds Brigades has died in a “jihadist mission,” according to the group.

Al-Quds Brigades said in a statement that 24-year-old Zidan Muhmmad Fatayer from Deir al-Balah died on Saturday evening fulfilling his “duty.”

The statement did not explain the circumstances of his death.


Hugh Fitzgerald

All of whom, save for a few tens of thousands, are not refugees at all,but were born after 1949, among others much like or indistinguishable from themselves, sharing the same faith (the unifying animating all-important faith of Islam), language, culture,customs, food, everything.

Henry Kissigner was a “refugee” from Germany. His son, born in Boston, is not. Vladimir Nabokov was a refugee from Soviet Russia. His son Dmitri was not. The preposterous status of “refugee” was demanded by the Muslim Arabs collecitvely, chagrinned at their military failures, and accorded to this group of Arabs, as an inheritable trait, and accorded to no other among the hundreds of millions of descendants of refugees, in this last unappetizing century, those hundreds of millions being — mostly — far more deserving of the world’s sympathy than the Arabs who left, to avoid being in the midst of hostilities, sure that they would return once the attacking Arab armies had snuffed out, as everyone was sure they would, the young life of the nascent, arms-embargoed, pitifully outmanned and outgunned, Jewish State.–Arabs:  Eight Million Refugees Must Return to Israel