Actress Slams American Schools for ‘Brainwashing’ Kids With ‘Progressive, Liberal’ Agenda

Marxists and Muslims know: you gotta get them young. The Obama people control the education indoctrination system. Once the kiddies go through that, they come out as groupthink zombies.
Actress slams indoctrination in public schools: “…you have no idea what the schools are doing to their fresh little brains.”

Actress Sam Sorbo, the wife of “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, slammed the American education system during an interview with Dana Loesch that aired Friday.

Actor Kevin Sorbo and his family attend the world premiere of ‘The Wizard Of Oz 3D’ at the grand opening of the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on September 15, 2013. (Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

The homeschooling mother remarked passionately: “You people who send your kids to school, you have no idea what the schools are doing to their fresh little brains, in brainwashing them into this progressive, liberal — it’s antithetical to America, the agenda that they’re being indoctrinated with.”


Here in Australia, the trend is the same:

Australian Science Curriculum over run with green politics. Help them fix it!


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Islamic Influence In Washington

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2 thoughts on “Actress Slams American Schools for ‘Brainwashing’ Kids With ‘Progressive, Liberal’ Agenda”

  1. So, why does John Bolton refer to the Quran and the “Holy” Quran? And why does he say they’re not condemning Islam wholesale?
    Until we condemn Islam “wholesale”, we’re simply lost in Islamic delusion.

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